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June 14, 2021, 10:14:41 PM


World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

Future Official Content

Started by Myst1cPrun3, June 10, 2021, 06:13:34 PM

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Not really a debate as to what would be best as official content, as that's a whole different topic, but more of a suggestion to get the 'Most content for the Minimum effort'

Tracks -

Tracks are fairly set in stone, but alternative layouts for any released track (Regardless of if the layout is GP Spec or not) could provide extra options and keep things fresh

Bikes -

Bikes are perhaps a little more time consuming. As ontop of 3D modelling like the tracks, the bikes they would have to have physics developments as well, which involves a lot of research and in-game testing.

This is why I am suggesting 'completing the grids'

At the minute, we have an M2 machine, which, is based off the Middleweight Grand Prix Class,
of the 2018 spec rules.

Now in 2018, in that particular class,  there was 6, main constructors, so it's perhaps not a great example.

But in 2021 there are only 4 constructors... One of them, has mainly the same bike as they did in 2018, and is already represented.

So with only 3 new models, a new engine and sounds, and minor chassis tweaks to each model, a full 2021 field of M2 spec machines is born. Front + Rear suspension values, wheel values, every single thing, except the chassis properties and from, would be the same on a model basis.

I appreciate 3 new models is a lot of work, as are the sounds, but it is no-where near as much work as doing 1 bike per category, especially as they're so similar to each other.

It would also help 'fill the game out' a bit more too.

Now in terms of brand new bikes...

M3 would be a good option for me personally, as both the demo bike and a 'full field'

As there are only 2 manufacturers in the 2021 real version of the class. (More constructors but they're simply rebadged bikes)

So 2 models, that as with the M2 are mostly the same physics wise, bar engine power maps and chassis, and there is a full field of M3 machines.

I appreciate that is quite a bit of work, but on a personal note, a full field one year is much more fulfilling on the eyes and immersion than one bike but several different types.

However I'm sure I'll like most of whatever is chosen  :)