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September 19, 2020, 11:55:55 AM


GP Bikes beta18c available! :)

Gpbikes videos ;)

Started by BOBR6 84, May 09, 2014, 11:30:25 PM

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QuoteIf there were tutorials from A to Z for converting create (  :P ) bikes and insert them into GP Bikes I would do it it
+10000  ;)
I really like to see a Naked bike class like the Classic Superbike in Germany (http://classicsuperbikes.de/galerie/spa-2015/).
I can do the physics but do need the graphix guys for the model  :'(  (and way much more time!!!)
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I still hate that movement at the front, when you go to open the throttle  :P

I'm having fun with the Aprilia, I love the sound and I think it was one of the best bikes esthetically in 2015  :)

BOBR6 84


As suggested, just a dab of back brake at the right moment and successfully airborne  ;D 8)

Got to love the detail on the suspension  :) Need more practice now!



Example of setting "light & nice" for SweetFX  :) (sorry for the 30 fps but I had to record with fraps)

Here a screnshot, In the video missing only the effect Depth of Field, too heavy for rec a video with my poor laptop  ;D (all effects  are edited by me, especially the DOF, no easy found this result)



niiice, vin :D
i've managed a few decent slides with the Aprilia MGP around Victoria, though admittedly not as nice as yours, lol
it might be my mind playing tricks on me, but i thought i found a 'sweet spot' for easy powerslides, after about 6 or 7 laps, i suddenly found it almost laughably easy to get a little powerslide under acceleration, while basically upright, and it really had me grinning from ear to ear - until, as expected, i binned it and quickly overcooked the tires...  :o ..... ;D
i usually use a soft front/hard rear tire combo at Victoria, with the bigger bikes, just as a fyi :D


Great video Vin  ;)

It would be useful to suggest to Piboso the opportunity of adjust the position and zoom in/out into onboard view in the replay, the videos would be much more beautiful  :P


guess i should try my hand at a vid, lolz...
what you are witnessing here is my very first flying lap i attempted with the SuperSoft tyre option, using the MGP Yamaha M1, in a Brad Smith dress...  ;D
i had just done my outlap, and was now using the SuperSoft front/Soft rear combo for the very first time.
aside from the initial scare, i had another 'little moment' through turn 12, coming onto the straight - worth watching the full lap for, and then i included the next part showing that i did actually recover from the shock and get through Doohan corner properly, lol....


i honestly don't think i could pull off that recovery again, lol - right on my braking mark, and i still managed to get round without going off, woohoo for me!  ;D

ps: being a bit of a noob still, when it comes to video files - i recorded and uploaded a video file of roughly the same length and format as this one from my flight sim, but that video was less than half the size of this one. on top of that, this one is more pixelated than the smaller one. anyone who could tell me why this might be?


My best lap ever on Victoria Circuit made with Ducati GP15.

And I'm waiting for Ducati GP14.

Probably the worst rider in GP Bikes... so I decided to make TV Cameras :)


Nice lap but did I miss something? It says version 4.1 in the beginning of the video.