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Alternative Modern Rider 3D model

Started by Myst1cPrun3, July 22, 2021, 07:56:48 AM

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One of the big things recently with GPB modding is implementing alternative rider models and rider styles.

There are now over 5-6 alternative riders, with different boot and glove models, as well as well over 20 riding styles to choose from to go with.

However in both mods, and standard riding styles, we are missing quite an obvious one for me.

That is what I call an "alternate" modern rider. Basically the same as the Modern Rider, but without the "Aero Hump" on the back.

For me, particularly for classic
"pre-injection" racing, this Just fits better than the aero hump, which is really a post 2000 style thing.

Sure you can use the Legends Rider, or put a skin over an already existing hump, but I'd like to see the "issue", if it's even called that, stopped at the source. Which would be a new model/edit of the existing one.

Just something to think about that could help immersion etc.  :)