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August 09, 2022, 11:31:43 PM


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Alternative Jump Start Penalties

Started by Myst1cPrun3, July 10, 2021, 02:12:47 PM

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July 10, 2021, 02:12:47 PM Last Edit: July 10, 2021, 02:16:35 PM by Myst1cPrun3
Following a classic SBK race it has become clear that GPB's jump start issue has not been solved, and is still a huge issue.

I have come up with some 'ideas' for implementing a potential fix.

The first option is to simply replace the jump start Disqualification with a 5 second
time penalty added at the end of the race.

This allows the start to go ahead, and, should the penalty be 'unfair', then players can 'remove' the penalty by simply taking 5 seconds off the total time. (Or add more If the penalty is too little)

The result is simply allowing the race to go ahead, rather than have to endure restart after restart because someone 'put their bike in gear'

The second option is to change it from disqualification to a ride through penalty. (Most modern tracks use 'Long Lap' penalties however this not an option in GPB atm)

In track modding there is an option I believe for putting a surface as the 'pitlane', so if we could add an entry and exit line in trackED, similar to sector points, it could be a good way of enforcing this option, as well as making speed limits a requirement in the pits.

Now I've done very little track modding so I don't know how it would work 100% but it would be an improvement over what we have now.

Sub Point 2a)

It's important to note however that ride through penalties on some tracks aren't vaible, (such as Mallory Park, where the pits are quicker than the lap) so allowing track modders to physically choose the penalty for a jump start on each specific track, rather than just default to a DSQ could be a nice way of doing things.

The third option is to give an admin the option to add and remove time penalties post race, (or ride throughs in race if they're in spectator mode). This again could improve the overall usability of the situation, and would take out the hassle of adding time up and altering positions.

Maybe a combination of all 3 could be better, but one thing I do know, DSQ needs to go completely 100% just to get it to work. Add in a time penalty instead to fix the issue, it can always be sorted playerwise post race.





PIBOSO this is a MUST now. A lot of the steam players are already conplaining and leaving just because of this simpe fact. If there is one thing that gets sorted, either for b20c or b21 it HAS to be this. HAS TO BE