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June 29, 2022, 01:11:40 PM


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Maximum Lean Angle Limits - I want to crash more.

Started by schizim, February 13, 2022, 04:55:27 AM

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My favorite gameplay feature from MX Bikes is having to modulate your lean angle to not low-side. To state another way, you can't mindlessly use full steering input and have the game stop your lean at a maximal safe level. In GP Bikes this appears to not be the case. I can never low-side from running out of tire, only from poor throttle inputs while at max lean. Is there any possibility under the current system to remove the maximum lean barrier in GP Bikes to match my experience in MX Bikes? I know it sounds strange, but being punished for getting greedy about my lean angle was a huge marker of realism from someone who rides sports bikes in real life. Love both games and nothing but respect to the PiBoSo devs :)

(P.S. if there's an .ini setting I'm unaware of to do this, I'd be very grateful. I looked through previous forum posts and while the direct steering discussions were similar, they don't quite appear to solve my request.)


While I don't think this would work very well in GPB with a gamepad, I still think it should be an option.
But then you also need a max lean angle setting in the menu that scales your inputs accordingly.


I do use a controller, the trick (and fun) is that you're forced to learn where the bike's max lean angle is, and then modulate your steering input to never exceed it. Being able to 'click' the joystick to the edge without consequence takes some of the fun out of it. Before I knew about GP Bikes, I loaded some street bike mods (which I now use in GPB), into MX Bikes and it was a blast. If the chassis flex and proper first person view hadn't spoiled me I'd have kept on in there. A max lean angle setting could work, so long as I could set it to something ridiculous like 90 degrees ;D