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May 23, 2024, 09:26:01 PM


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CTD In pit lane entry

Started by Red2112, April 07, 2022, 11:13:56 AM

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I seem to be having this Issue with the latest build (just bought the game this week). When I enter the pit lane, as I get to the end (almost last garage), the game CTD.  This Is while testing the track (offline).

Running on my older machine:
Windows 10 (latest update).
- Intel i5 3rd. Gen.
- 8GB ram
- GTX 1060(6GB) (latest nVidia driver).
- Xbox One controller.
SBK Legends v1.2b / Hockenheimring 2001 v1.0.

Thank you


I understand this Is a one man team but can anyone answer?

Has going back to the pit In a test track even been Implemented, or Is It implemented In online mode? Or Is this just a bug or Issue with the current build?



Does it do the same with the stock bike and stock tracks?
If not, I'd ask whoever made the mod.

I have never had any issues going in or out of the pits.
I had to try..


Hi Chris,
Thank for your reply, I appreciate It.

I just tried your suggestion and yeah, no Issues with the stock content. So I seems It´s a mod Issue.

Again, thanks for your help.