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June 16, 2019, 06:45:00 pm

Ducati 996R 1.0

Started by Juju, July 06, 2014, 06:09:49 pm

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Release TIME !!! Ducati 996R is out !!!!!

Beta5b Compatible.
Samoe physic of Murasama.
Engine sound custom.   
3D and Shaders all new
Custom Stand

- 14 Bike skins
- 3 news helmets (10 skins)

I spent many hours to give you the greatest Ducati drivers !

14 skins just for you.

- Carl Fogarty Edition 1996
- Carl Fogarty 2001
- Troy Corser
- Troy Bayliss
- Ben Bostrom
- James Toseland
- Neil Hodgson
- John Kocinski
- Pierfrancesco Chili
- 916 Road
- 996 Road
- 748 Road
- 916 Senna Road
And Base skin.

3 news helmets (Shark/Suomy/Bell)
1 skin Shark, 6 skins Suomy and 2 skins Bell. all with official pilots paint.

This is my "Masterpiece", and probably my last bike mod.

I hope you enjoy this pack and this Awesome bike, which for me, is and will the most beautiful motorcycle ever created. (RIP Massimo Tamburini)

--- --- --- ---
PSD photoshop... ;)


UnZIP inside Bikes folder : "GP Bikes\gpbikes\Bikes\"

PSD File : DOWNLOAD Bike Template - 4.7Mo


Helmets PACK : DOWNLOAD Helmets pack - 4.7Mo
UnZIP inside  : "GP Bikes\gpbikes\rider\helmets"

PSD File : DOWNLOAD Helmet Template - 1.9Mo

Template name 996 : bike.tga
Template name Shark : foggy-helmet.tga et foggy-visor.tga
Template name Suomy : helmet-suomy.tga et helmet-suomy-visor.tga
Template name Bell : bell-helmet.tga et bell-visor.tga

Hope U like it.  8)

Crédits :  Juju (Import/Modification/Shaders/Sound/Textures)  - JC (Cockpit HUD)


Masterpiece. Thank you. :D



Looks the best bike ever made for GPB. On top it's really a cornerstone bike.

Just sad it may be your last one.

Thanks Juju !



holy ***********  :D

nice thank you very much :D


Well what can we say.....FA, very good job. And yes a very iconic bike indeed.

Why is this you're last JuJu? You giving up on modding or going to MotoGP14 modding?

thx for all that you made for the GPB community, sir.


thank you for your hard work and time spent to build this mod :)


Amazing job as always JuJu!  ;D ;D 8)

Very sad to hear this will be your last MOD for GPB.... Your talents will be greatly missed.  :(

Thank you for all you have done for us all, and I hope some day you'll return and provide us with even more of your excellent bike mods.

Thanks Juju!  ;D



As always a masterpiece.. you always deliver a complete package with templates, skins, screenshot, cockpit and a stunning bike. Simply amazing.

If this is your last bike, many thanks for all the work and great stuff you have added over the years. You really made a lasting impression. If we ever are lucky enough to see a GpBikes 1.0 I hope to have you still around.


realy nice mate !! great job ..realy like the tire`s and the helmets


Great work Juju!

Any chance you could do a quick pass on previous bikes you've done so they work with Beta 5b? I had to take them out of Bike MOD. Since the need the new update to the .geom file.


WOW.... I might as well give up ! thats just insane

Did he model this bike from scratch?


July 07, 2014, 09:35:43 am #12 Last Edit: July 07, 2014, 09:47:06 am by skerp
Thanks for the Big,Great,Job

Juju be perfect for this job, you need to fix the helmet of 2001 Troy Bayliss, when he used the 996


Amazing job Juju, as always. We will miss your work dude, best quality we've had here.
Thank you very much for what you have done for us m8, the amount of work, effort to have a ready to go set of the best quality. Hats off


Thank you for all you've done for us!  ;)