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Thrustmaster Freestyler USB Bike

Started by Alexhrc, July 08, 2014, 09:01:34 PM

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July 08, 2014, 09:01:34 PM Last Edit: July 08, 2014, 09:08:55 PM by Alexhrc
First ask forgiveness not speak English and I was translating with google translator.

I would like to know if any you know where I can buy this great driver, but take time searching without any results.




would be helpful to know if some country, I still sell this model or any other like it, I find it frustrating to play PS3/Xbox handwheel or knob.

Any information will be of great help,,, thank you very much and again traducctor pedon by google sry: (.



Primeramente pedir perdon ,no se hablar ingles y estoy traduciendo con traductor google.

Me gustaria saber si alguno sabeis donde puedo comprar etas maravilla de controlador,llevo tiempo buscando pero sin ningun resultado.

seria de gran ayuda el saber si en algun pais , lo siguen vendiendo, este modelo o cualquier otro que se le parezca,  me parece fustrante seguir jugando con volante o mando PS3/xbox.

Toda informacion sera de gran ayuda,,, muchas gracias y nuevamente pedon por el traducctor google sry :(.


Thank you. But this model does not have usb connection. And gas is not progressive in pc. Acts like a new mind thanks button ... ;)


 ??? I had mine plugged in through a PS2 to USB connection and after calibration it worked fine for a few months before it fell apart.


Hello Grimm,

Although, it's been quite a while... can you tell how exactly did you calibrate your one?
I'm experiencing the same issue as Alexhrc, the throttle is recognized simply as a button so no way to calibrate it as axis by using standard win tools.


Wow, been quite some time since I had that old Yamaha controller... I think, I might have bought a playstation/xbox to USB converter and didn't have much luck at first, but, I wired a XBOX (first gen, not a 360 or One) plug into the thing and managed to get the "windows game controller" tab in the control panel to recognize the throttle.

I would look around for a generic USB game controller driver on google and try a few programs. I know for a fact the throttle has a pretty big range on those Yamaha controllers (mind stopped working and only read the top half of the range after a month of use) so it surely should work if a driver/program can handle the input signal from the controller throttle. Unfortunate the clutch is just a button that fails eventually as well. :(

DoubleDragon is the man to talk to if you have any desire in purchasing a proper controller. I built my own and it was rather easy to do once I had all the parts in front of me and a little wiring advice from DD.