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February 08, 2023, 06:07:43 PM


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Does gp bikes improve real world track performance?

Started by samspotting, June 16, 2022, 06:44:32 PM

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Looking for some comments here. I currently sim race on iracing and asseto corsa using a vr headset. GP bikes looks like an ever better solution to improve lines, braking, and vision. Thanks!


That may be true. As you use a gamepad, there's no way a bike game can help you improving your riding in real-life, but lines, braking zone as you said. Maybe you can also get an idea of what the bike can do if you ride in a certain manner, so that you know what could happen on track. Anyway I think there is better people than me that can give you a more defined answer.
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GPB onboard and VR for sure improved my street riding. For me it did exactly what you describe: Knowing how deep to trailbrake, line choice, smooth steering inputs and especially looking ahead properly (visual focus points). Of course it will not improve your feel for the tyre but I found that at least it made me more aware of when I should "listen" to it more carefully.


The first thing simracing teach you about real life racing or driving is that you have that sens of limit ! you'll defenitely know in advance what could happen to you in real life if you take a corner a bit too fast, lol


Personally speaking, I think all todays PC/Console racing sims can do at best is provisionally-familiarize one with the track demonstrated, that is all.

I think if anyone is seriously taking anything extra from their sim experience onto a real road/track they are looking to end up six foot under in a pine box. Lols! :o


My two penneth Sam...  I read that most users are using gamepads and flatscreens in 3rd person. So where I don't see any gains regarding physical bike technique, by smoothing inputs and achieving that rhythm where you flow from point to point with less effort, I dare say that is a positive thing to be aware of.

Riding on-bike in VR, as you know, automatically gives the sense and perspective of a real bike. The ability to see all the elevation changes, blind corners, crests etc adds to the realism which helps make the sensation of speed, looking to apexes/exits, picking lines and markers more relatable.

However, as soon as I tried VR in GPB I immediately knew I had to build a controller as a gamepad felt wrong, it's not so bad in 3rd person but when sat on the bike... no.
So I built a ride on controller with force feedback and all the controls you would expect. There are obvious differences from real riding and I fully accept that. The many missing forces, differences between modelled physics and real world, inaccuracies in track layouts, surfaces, grip, tyres, engine dynamics... you name it, but there are far more parallels now than I've experienced before and I am in awe of what Piboso has achieved.

So with regard to possible real life improvement...
I have hydraulic brakes so the feeling of modulating pressure and muscle memory with a real brake lever is developed. It has enabled me to practice with one or two finger braking as I'm a bit 'full-hand' in this regard.
When hard braking the headshake that can manifest easily translates into bar shaking from the feedback, often making it worse, and forces you to back off. You can't simply ride through it. This teaches/demands a smoother and consistent braking technique to keep the bike settled and avoid scrapping lap after lap.
I never really used the rear brake very much in real life on track. I have a hydraulic rear pedal so I've spent some time learning it and now use it a lot to modulate my turning where possible instead of the throttle. And to a lesser degree initial braking effort and exiting corners.
As I have to lean off the rig to get the in-game rider to lean this forces me to consider things I didn't have to with a pad.
Hanging off means I can't always easily reach the rear brake so I am forced to consider that aspect.
It also affects my ability to shift gears, so I have to give proper consideration to what gear I want to be in mid corner or exiting a Le Mans Musee type corner. It also stops me dancing around the gearbox which I have a tendency to do, I'll often exit hairpins a gear higher than I would when it was a simple button press.
Transitioning from side to side in chicanes is def an area I have needed and been able to work on.
And not that it translates to gameplay in any way, but the combination of GPB/VR/ride-on-controller means I can make a point of working on my body position. I have always preferred getting my shoulders into the corner but I never made a point of getting my weight forward over the front wheel. So in game now I can work on that and try to unlearn/modify my technique somewhat.

With this combination of hard/software I feel it can be a valid tool to practice and work on technique up to a point. Ideally and to maximize benefit you would do all these things on a real motorcycle. Ultimately it's practice that will lead to improvement, and if that practice is realistic you would hope it equates to something positive. At least in my opinion.