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August 05, 2021, 01:33:06 PM


World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

Race/trackday/road pics.. lets see em!!

Started by BOBR6 84, August 21, 2014, 08:40:08 AM

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BOBR6 84

lol  ;D

wow do you heal quickly or just usual amount of time?

collar bones suck..


I'd break easy but on he up side heal fast, but then I'd break easy. lol Although as I've gotten older that magic speedy healing power has gotten slower. :)


Hitting the apex is just a figure of speech, Don't literally hit it...


My 1991 250GP racing bike

First race and win

Friend's Superduke 1290:

First time testing the new (bought a week ago) 1000 which I'm gonna race next season:


Nice pics LoriX, that zx10 is the bike I always wanted (in black) but had to choose from the newer types so settled for the gsxr 1000 K8 instead  ;D. Man would I like to do some track racing when seeing those pictures, too bad my current situation won't allow for it.

@vin97, like to see some lean angles with those knee sliders you are wearing  :P


Quote from: iVolution on August 22, 2014, 12:21:05 PM
@vin97, like to see some lean angles with those knee sliders you are wearing  :P

lol  ;D

Nice pics indeed Lorix  ;)


The most I can do with this bike and with those tyres is peg-sliding.
I normally wear leather pants but it was just too damn hot on that day to go around in leather pants (I rode back from school on that picture).



Very nice stuff in here already!

Some of mine:

Schleizer Dreieck:

Circuit Zolder:

These were from Training on Monday at Hockenheim, getting started after that Assen crash:

Bad line because I outbreaked a "big" bike :D


Not a track guy myself, enduro, ice oval and TT, and a healthy bit of hooligan behavior is all I'm good for. It's why I don't race online on GP Bikes. I would rather have fun "slow" than to be risking it all being "fast". Much respect to the lap time chasers here, we all ride because we love it.  ;D

Little Bandit action...

Blowing off some steam after my 900RR was giving me fits...

Supermoto 3rd gear wheelie out of a corner

Ice hooning

Wheelie past my brother on a desolate back road... and they said the '76 CB360T couldn't wheelie!! Let alone in 3rd gear for as long as you wanted it up there!  8)

Gettin' some on the fighter "Zed".

Every so often you have to be calm and let it cool down.  ;)

And remember!


BOBR6 84


Wow wow wow ... some real riders out there !! Good stuff guys !


BOBR6 84

man cave and a nice triumph at the manx   :)