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February 21, 2020, 03:36:37 pm


World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

Bike mod revived auto sync

Started by Alibaskins, August 31, 2014, 04:10:13 pm

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Hi guys,

Great idea to be honest, this "autosync" stuff...  ;D ... It's helping me get into the world of GP Bikes more quickly...  8)

One question/ask, could we do this for the rest of the mods (tracks, plugins, helmets, etc...)?

I know this would mean more resources, bandwidth and power being consumed by the FTP server BUT it would help newbies like me to get GP Bikes working quick and easy. This would allow reaching more people as well...  ;)

PS: It seems MXB is doing this as it's working really well.

Just a thought, if I can be of assistance let me know.



The Helmets are on their way

Tracks are hosted By DD and they would require a very large amount of space online to store them, Upload and download them.


Cool, thanks matty0l215.

Regarding the tracks, not sure how the community is doing but yesterday I've downloaded the MEGA app (from MEGA.nz, the host used to store most of the GP Bikes stuff) and created a free account (yes I never used MEGA...  ;D). With this we can copy the files we want to our "personal Cloud Drive" and then use the MEGA app to download what we want.

Not sure if there are daily limits using this strategy but I can surely state that downloading stuff this way is A LOT faster.

Still not as good and professional option as the "auto sync" but for the newbies this might work as well. Just need to keep track of all changes to the different folders.

Again, thanks for all the work and help guys, really appreciate it.



Thanks a mill, struggling with mega, the FTP site is class!!! Synback running away now :D


YES for plugins and helmets, NO for tracks (or its neccessary to adjust sync rules for tracks)
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I dont use autosync for my track database as I am to dumb to set it up like that lol. Sorry but I am oldschool and only have time for the bare essencials.

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Hey guys! I have been trying to use SyncBack but for some reason i'm not being able to sync anything.

I just keep getting error when I hit run. I have followed all the steps in the first page of this topic but somehow it does not work.

Maybe someone can give me a headsup on what i'm doing wrong here?

I have imported all the profiles, I hit run, another window pops up showing the destination folder (on the left) and the action (on the right), and when I hit Continue Run, it gives me 97 errors (the number of bikes in the profile) and does not transfer anything. Am I being really dumb here? ;D