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January 23, 2020, 12:14:16 am

Supermoto Bike setup

Started by r1rossi, September 10, 2014, 12:59:07 pm

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Good morning Ladies and Gents,

I am finding this bike the most fun to ride on the cart tracks, but find it wobbles and tank slappers VERY easy,

Any advice on setting this bike up??

I find it an absolute blast to play with after running on a moto gp bike lol.




Having been one of the people who beta tested the KX450F Supermoto I can say that putting the rake angle up to 20 and the swingarm out to 2 helps quite a bit to keep the bike stable. The suspension can be setup rather stiff though and it doesn't seem to matter much as to the stability, but at the limit traction changes quite a bit. Not sure how to extract my setup from the game but I can write down the numbers for Goldenport (best SM/Kart track out there!) and post them up later.  ;)


That would be great,

Thanks Grimm/



Care to share your settings??


Holy crap the last post was in 2014, if I remember right there was an update that changed the supermoto shortly after we were discussing setups so it became irrelevant. The latest SM that was released based on the KX450 was actually all the improvements of my setup changes coupled with someone actually rewriting the entire thing, plus the new beta that came out that improved everything from slides to head shakes. The original KX450 had some serious trouble just getting moving from a dead stop and when in gear would drag the locked up front tire.  :P

If I ever find enough time to put in some laps on the Aprilia SM I'll post up a setup for it as I run it at Landsard and Goldenport (KRP tracks) the most so low speed stability and corner entry grip are high priority when I setup a SM (even in real life).