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Noob question - Trainer File Options -

Started by morvio100, September 08, 2022, 12:38:22 PM

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Hey all, here's hoping (The Great One = Piboso ), includes in his plans a way  to implement, an error parameter for trainers, eg when you load a trainer the code has already recorded the line taken, the error parameter is implemented at random lets say 2 errors per lap, to my knowledge we can set the trainer to be a pre-determined amount of time ahead of us..you load 10 trainers....all with varying degrees of errors set for each trainer....no collisions coding needed ...maybe as current...you simply ghost through them...all trainers can be set to continually lap....the bulk of the no ai issue solved...all the folks out there that have suspect wifi - or want to stay offline if they encounter lag issue..but still want to play this fantastic sim...lets have faith in the (The Great One = Piboso )...he wont let us down....


I'd like to be able to stagger the individual ghosts. Currently we can stagger all of them together but to allow independent timing for each would add to the ghost trainer experience. For the record I'm in New Zealand and ping times to international servers is in excess of 300ms making it unplayable online.


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Agreed onearmedbandit, I'm sure (The Great One = Piboso) will give us more options to config the trainer file in time.... the .trn is code, an accompanying editable .txt would be great...