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unbelievable and amazing

Started by Abigor, November 08, 2014, 10:06:10 AM

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A big thx to all the Italians supporting their wonderful mods


Big thanks to the modding team and GPB Italia.... Nice job guys! ;D 8)



Amazing work guys, thank you!

But for me its not playable cause i get extreme shakes while accelerate even without steering and diffrent tc-settings. :cry:

Maybe its me maybe its the game.



nice mod but same thing default gp1000. too much power or grip and bike gets crazy.(its physics issue). i stick with wss600

BOBR6 84

thankyou GPBitalia  8)

love all the bikes.. R1 and panigale R especially!!  ;D


GREAT work thankyou so much.

I found one problem by mistake, I had just done a fresh install on Windows 10 and forgot to turn off automatic shifting and none of the bikes auto shift UP but downshift automatically. I thought it was Win 10 so did a test on Win 7 and its the same. Is this an error in the set or GPB as the original bikes auto shift correctly. I dont use it but found it out by mistake and thought I should mention it.

Love this set, lets us macho big boys break bones quicker lol

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Been playing this mod tonight.  It is fantastic!  The Stock 1000 and 600 mods are superb.

The 1000's are a bit squirrely around the Ulster but great fun.  Got down to a 3min 29s.


November 11, 2014, 07:37:07 PM #23 Last Edit: November 11, 2014, 08:11:40 PM by GixXer
Awesome, can't wait to try these bikes...

But I am having a problem with the download, it keeps stopping at 200mb, then at 300mb, last time I tried it stopped at 400mb...

Is there seperate download link for each bike?

All I need is the Yamaha and Suzuki...

Thanks  8)

edit: nevermind I got the download to work properly


Can't seem to get into the server?, I've think I have downloaded everything I need for it. But aye at least I can practice offline for now.
But the tracks and bikes are great fun esp the Aprilla rsv4