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December 03, 2022, 01:49:45 AM


Started by ALEale, December 01, 2014, 05:30:23 PM

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I agree. I was like fifth to register to...

People didn't show and I even took work off.
He seems like a great person and would let me in. We will see.

Thanks guys and as i said, looks like how close the numbers are it would of been amazing


All the staff understand how do you fell... let me know when do you have time and i'll make a private session for you... i'll give to you 30 min in victoria to do your best lap ;) if you agree let me know when you're ready ;)


thats really nice of you ale!


thanks for the organization Ale.

Nice time Odi  >:(  ;D ;)


That is amazing Ale,

Thank you so much.

I am available Tomorrow at 2pm EST which is i think 7pm GMT ??

That would be awesome of you guys!!!

I love this game and forum for all the community and people that help make this awesome.


Ok so for me is not a good time... Gmt+1... 8 pm on Saturday night there's so much beer in my body :P

We have to choose another day... Maybe on Monday it's better :) sorry


No problem my friend, Monday works for me. Same time if you wanted to. You tell me and I should be able to make it work.

Thanks again


i'm trying to be at home in time for today @ 8pm GMT+1 (2pm EST for you)

if i can't i'll let you know and we will do tomorrow at the same time ;)


ok ì'm at home... see you on the server at 8pm GMT+1 (2pm EST for you).

password: championship



Hey sorry I didn't get the notice, crazy day at work. If you are still on I can do it RIGHT NOW


Be in the server in 5 minutes ;)