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A question about the turns

Started by Jose Reina, December 16, 2014, 11:03:25 pm

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Jose Reina

Hello Piboso.
The pilot the turns influences? Because the pilot does not turn the bike? because when you do a wheelie, you can not turn with the bike?

These are the two questions that I have, because I have the feeling that the bike turns only by the handlebars. I think that at the turn of the bike, but the inertia influences the pilot, turn the handlebars.

BOBR6 84

Same for a burnout start.. You cannot control the direction..

I think you can with DST?


DST is different, if I am doing a wheelie and have the handle bars in neutral but I am moving my riders body to one side or the other. The bike will start to lean and turn towards the direction I am having the rider lean. Same with going straight, if I don't use the handle bars just use the riders weight the bike will start to veer off to the direction my riders weight is pulling it.

BOBR6 84

Thats sounds right to me..

DST seems to be the answer to most of the issues people have, including myself..

Its just very hard (too hard for me) to control with a pad lol.


Without DST (or DSA), if you're going straight and you move the rider to the right, the bike will *not* turn, because at the same time, leaving the steering stick centered, you're asking the virtual rider to go straight (so he's doing whatever it takes on the steering in order to the bike to keep going straight, no matter the rider movements).