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XBOX360 Controller with foot gearshift MOD

Started by doubledragoncc, December 19, 2014, 07:19:34 pm

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Hi guys and gal,
Just finished testing my XBOX360 controller mod for foot gear shifter, love it. I is so good to be able to manual shift and hardly think about it as I use my left foot like on a real bike. I have only made an initial test foot control that is just 2 down push pedals as apposed to a single up/down shift pedal. I am doing it this way to start to try and save on cost as I am waiting on the 3D printer to make the parts out of ABS instead of Ali. I did the plans years ago but never bothered to carry on, but as so many seem to rather have a modded controller for cost reasons I think its something I will do.

It may seem a simple mod but to get it right is a bit more involved than first seems apparent. I am working on an analog rear brake foot control mod for the XBOX controller too and should have it tested this weekend.

I dont have a PS3 controller yet, but will mod one too and others.

Keep it sunny side up

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