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August 05, 2020, 08:14:19 AM


GP Bikes beta18c available! :)

MaxSCL preview

Started by HornetMaX, January 29, 2015, 11:47:40 PM

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A short video of the tool to edit .scl files:


I start loading a .scl and a .engn (both from the rcv213), the I control the throttle using the mouse (and a slider).
Initially in neutral, notice the auto idle  8)

Gear up/down is done via keys 0-6. Notice the bike revs-up very quick even in gear, because there's no aero drag (I could add it, not really needed though).
Bike mass (bike + rider, assuming rider = 60Kg) and inertia (everything: crankshaft, 1st ans 2nd gearbox shafts, rear and front wheel) are simulated (including primary ratio, gears and final ratio).
No clutch is simulated (again, not really needed), so shifting from/to neutral is unrealistic (RPMs stays constant).

After I start using a pad (any axis will do).

The 4 graphs:

  • Top left: the ON and OFF samples with their volume envelopes as defined in the .scl (OFF samples envelopes are drawn with negative values). vertical lines on the right are for limter (simulated !)and breaking RPM.
  • Bottom left; the engine ON torque, OFF torque + ON power and OFF power.
  • Top right: time evolution of samples volumes.
  • Bottom right:L time evolution of throttle and RPMs

Not very visible but on the left there's an integrated text editor that allows to modify the .scl. I'll add some features to that part: smart modifications (e.g. rescale everything, move a point and fix the pitch accordingly, etc) and very likely also a syntax highlighter.

W00t !!




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That's a great looking tool Max... Very useful looking!

Nice one mate!  ;D



FU***NG AWESOME! Can't wait for the release. *q*


Looking great! nice work  :)


Thanks guys !

It's taking a bit longer than expected because I wanted to parse correctly not only the .scl file, but also the .engn and the bike's .cfg and .tyre, in order to get all the necessary data to "simulate" the physics (well, limited to engine, masses and inertias).