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Started by LOOPATELI, January 08, 2015, 02:40:22 PM

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January 08, 2015, 02:40:22 PM Last Edit: February 23, 2015, 09:42:52 PM by LOOPATELI
Rules for WorldSeries Moto3 Championship


The championship consists of 8 official races and 2 preseason races, with a duration of 60%, with sunny weather conditions.
Participation is free but it is required to participate in at least one of the two preseason races.
The races will be limited to 24 riders on track. All riders must be registered before every race in each round topic,ONLY THE 24 FASTEST RIDERS WILL RACE ON THAT ROUND. We do it in this way because maybe a rider who wants to take part in the championship cannot race in some of the races, so his spot can be used by someone else.

The participation of Wildcards is allowed.This ones cannot run the full championship, but they will be interested in running a single or couple of races. They will take part (if interested) in races where are free spots.

PLEASE, if you know you can not race most of the rounds, please register as a Wildcard.

Every race registration will be closed 3 hours before the event starts (7:00pm)

The organizers reserve the right to add / modify new clauses during the Championship.


The first 2 laps of each GP will be thoroughly reviewed by the organization to ensure maximum sportiness in our community.

Feel free to ask for a review of an incident in which you were involved. The incident will be considered by the organization and we will take a decision as soon as possible, taking the point of view of any rider involved.

This will be the email where you will have to send your claims.
comisariosgpbspain@hotmail.com ; or PM.

If you find yourself involved in an incident, even if you think you're right, continue with the race. Later, view the replay and comment in the forum your opinion in a friendly and correctly way, apologizing if you think it's necessary.
In GpBikes Spain we are very proud of this community, and we want to continue in this good way we have achieved together.


Prohibited any type of inappropriate behavior; if so, we will take the immediate exclusion of that rider.
It is strictly prohibited to write in the Chat game throughout qualifying and the race since the light turns green to the  ending of the LAST participant.Chatting will be penalized.
If you have more than 350ms ping you cannot participate in the race, a bike that comes and goes during the race is a danger to other participants.

Yellow flag: Means caution, therefore, all drivers must be careful in the areas where the yellow flag is displayed. If any incident happens, having signaled a yellow flag, the organization will review the incident considering that flag.
If a driver crashes, yellow flag is displayed in the scene, therefore, that driver can be fitted on track at any time he wishes, taking great care with the drivers behind. And conversely, pilots arriving at the crash site, having a yellow flag, will have to take extreme care not to collide when the crashed rider reappears.

Blue Flag: means the riders it is shows to has to facilitate the overtake of the riders that precede him.


The track is bounded by white lines painted on the asphalt and in the absence of these lines, asphalt is the physical limit of what is considered track.
In any case a driver may not drive in the opposite direction to the race.
Overtaking outside the limits or cutting  of the track will be penalized in all cases with loss of time.

If a driver runs out of gas at some point in the race,or his engine blows up, he must leave it safely to the other riders.
If you stay with the bike standing on asphalt either whatever reason, you must go box to not disturb the rest of riders in both race and qualifying.


You are allowed to present all that claim by an injured pilot chute in an incident by the board of commissioners of the organization of the championship.We will only take into account the claims made 24h before the race.

If a pilot is dedicated to going against the rules systematically or use any type of behavior that disrupts the good atmosphere of the races involved, the organization reserves the right to sanction or even expel him from the championship.
Only claims correctly submitted using the form:
Lap number:
Minute of the race:
Rider against the claim is:
Summary of Incident:

They have to cover this template and send it to this email: comisariosgpbspain@hotmail.com

Incidents after the first 2 laps will not be investigated  unless they are reported by some rider, we do not accept anonymous complaints or by other riders that are not involved in the incident, except someone else is cutting track. During the first 2 laps, the organization will review the behavior of all drivers and risky actions in this period will be judged as harshly as possible, you will never going to win a race on the first corners.

If a driver has caused a slight incident, you can let the affected rider restoring its position, with no further penalizations. Is the expected behavior of a rider.

If a driver makes a punishable action and the commission determine that it is a very serious action, he will loose points.
There are 6 points per rider, if a driver loses all points will not race the following GP.

Types of sanctions:
- Lance career: No penalty.
- Penalty Mild:  5 seconds penalty at the end of the race
- Severe Punishment: 10  seconds penalty at the end of the race and loosing 1 point.
- Very Severe Punishment: Disqualified in the race that has the incident, and the withdrawal of 2 points Carnet.

9. Ratings
The points awarded in each stroke relative to the position obtained are:
1st--- 25
2nd-- 20
3rd-- 16
4th-- 13
5th-- 11
6th-- 10
7th-- 9
8th-- 8
9th-- 7
10th- 6
11th- 5
12th- 4
13th- 3
14th- 2
15th- 1

The team score is the same format as riders scoring.


Sanctions and claims modified. Only the claims right after 24h of the race will be admited