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PrS 1 - Victoria Result+Comments

Started by LOOPATELI, February 02, 2015, 10:24:46 PM

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Here you can post how was your race, and also if you have some kind of problems or troubles durin it.

Jose Reina

I'll start commenting.

My classification was pretty good, I got to make the best time even exceeds my best lap of all training. classified in first position!

The race was bad, I had many accidents and lost a long time. So I had to recover the positions I had lost by accidents.
I had good battles with several drivers, including Yan24, we found several times.
With two laps to go, I was in third position, behind Davide74, and shorten distances to get to one second of it.
The last lap was awesome, I got his slipstream and I approached him and I got a lot to overtake me but returned it after the overtaking, and with three corners to go, so I returned to overtake and managed to finish the race in second position.

Congratulate all the participants and especially the winner LOOPATELI, who was the winner of the race

Thanks to all participants! See you at the next race!


February 02, 2015, 10:54:24 PM #2 Last Edit: February 02, 2015, 11:00:24 PM by Hawk_UK
I had a reasonable race... I was well placed in 5th position and going well, but then all of a sudden I started to get front end wash-outs(those WTF!! moments we all know so well) which dropped me back into 9th position. From that moment on I was riding around like on egg-shells afraid to lean her into corners like I should be able to(not a good situation to be in to say the least). Anyway I managed to hold 9th place for the finish which I consider to be reasonable considering the handling issues I was experiencing for the last two thirds of the race.
My only fear is that if the front end washes out like that on Victoria then what is the bike going to handle like on other track surfaces that are not so good? Let's see how it goes.  :)

I'd like to apologise to David74; I fell off on the tight 3rd corner from the finish line(at the bottom of the hill) and he unfortunately couldn't avoid hitting my bike which was scooting across the track. Sorry mate but I couldn't do anything about that. But you have my apologies.  ;)

It was great to see such a large field of riders on track.... I really enjoyed it.

Congrats to Loopa for the win.... Well done mate!  ;D 8)

PS: Just a note for the Kalex KTM Moto3 Modding team: The gear change has for some reason returned to a very slow down-change. The front end needs tweaking to avoid those WTF front-end washouts


After lots of training I got the hang of it. But I seem to have lost it after the race start; crashing way too often because I felt nervous.
Oh well.. I hope I gave way without being a hindrance when I got a blue flag.
I stopped gaming (and GP-Bikes)


Well my race wasn't bad at all xD
Awfull start I leave the clutch too much and the engine rpm went down so quick, it's very difficult to ear your bike with other 18 bikes near you.I Tried not to get nervous and been cautious going into the first turns without overtaking riders as it had 14 laps ahead. Luckily head had a small cap in the first lap so I quickly caught them.
As commented Jose, there was a group crash in the corkscrew and I could not avoid such many bikes on the ground. 1 crash. Again I tried not to take too much risk, as I knew the leaders will make some mistake until the end of the race, and so it was.
Once I took the lead after the fall of the rest of riders, I set down my pace to keep away from falling, mistake !! I crashed completely alone in the first corner. I got third after Davide (quite far) and Jose, and turned to fall again!

That would be my last fall, and I maintained a quite nice rhythm on next laps. Davide and Jose returned to make some mistakes so I take the lead. And from there to the end with a not too fast pace (these two were cutting me) I managed to get 1st :D



My race went well, the start was a bit unfortunate for a lot of riders at the back of the grid, the clutch slipped for me on the grid and someone crashed into me from behind, so it may have been me that caused the commotion, never the less the race had started so i re spawned and got on my way, on entry to the second corner i had to navigate through a bunch of bikes on the track but after that i had a rather clean race, i didn't do much battling because i could see matty0l215 in front but his pace was too quick for me despite all of his crashes, i still couldn't catch him. i had a good last lap battle with Hawk_UK even though i'm pretty sure he was a lap down, i still enjoyed racing against him, his pace is very close to mine so if he wasnt a lap down it could have made for a very exciting last lap battle!. very excited for A1 ring hope to see the same amount of people on track.
Also lets prey that we don't have too many cores either :)