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Possible MODS wiki or blog or gallery?

Started by h106frp, May 24, 2015, 10:38:13 AM

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With so many mods in development does anyone think it would be possible to have them listed with relevant images, user comments and compatibility (GPB version) so that you could browse through?

If it could be supported by registered forum users (wiki style) editing and maintaining it might not be too once the framework was complete.

I know its a big ask and would need some one who knows how to do 'web stuff' but i do feel a bit lost  trying to decide whats worth adding in and i can only see it getting ever more confusing.

The bike MOD is great but it would be nice to know a bit more info on each individual MOD in the package.


Good idea!  8)

A similar project has been done before on the forum, but is no longer maintained(for a long time now).  http://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=525.0

It wouldn't be difficult to continue this project on the forum..... Maybe you could take over the project, update and inject some of your own ways and ideas of presentation and content?  ;D 8)

PS: A project like this often entails a lot more commitment and work than people realise if your to do the job well.  :)


I was thinking something more like 'browse by image' web page style (flickr) and update-able by the MOD owners themselves, as you note, trying to keep track of all the MODs  on the forum would be a huge task.

Maybe a good start would be a simple standardized MOD submission file with the required images/data to allow them to be indexed easily (programmatically). I remember GP500 (and many other sim games) mod submissions always had a text file with pertinent info and a few people managed to build mod management programs around this.

The whole web programming thing passed me by (old fart used to C) so I'm not sure i could be much help unfortunately.