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September 26, 2020, 10:49:51 PM


GP Bikes beta18c available! :)


Started by Eagle, May 01, 2015, 03:06:50 AM

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Now thats how it should sound in GPB! on the the 4 strokes, not the whine we have now. I know you guys do your best but you dont have the means to record as some wish to do so. Maybe one day.

The fuel management is altered via the control panel on the dynojet to compensate for being in a room and to ensure no damage to the engine. If you study ALL of the videos of the H2R they show mainly the same. The sparks are probably due to carbon deposits being expelled at such a high temp due to being stationary and in a restricted controlled environment. As the bike is not traveling through a natural cooling air current, carbon will build quickly due to lack of air flow. The fans in front are for cooling the motor not so much the air intake, this alters the air/fuel mixture and is therefor compensated for to much of a degree, but can not compensate for the lack of fresh air the intake needs. There is NO dampening wool in the pipes. I spoke for a long time with the techs when I was meeting the public relation and marketing managers at the London show. The bike is STOCK with no SPECIAL show effects! It sounds so much better in real life than in the video. A must see if you get the chance.

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The new z1000 is ugly. Not the old ones.


QuoteNow thats how it should sound in GPB! on the the 4 strokes, not the whine we have now

<troll>Sounds from tdu are amazing. :P :P</troll>


in general i like the design of the kawas BUT they screw up every bike with these exhaust-things


It forces to change them to badass akras and m4 :p


oh god, that bike is so damn ugly  imo



Wasn't the point of the video. :|