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Observation about the size of the .map file

Started by pleclair, May 05, 2015, 01:31:25 PM

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As I cannot start working on the nord yet, I thought I would get myself familiar with the rest of the process of getting a track into the game here, and I tried to convert silverstone-international from AC.  Well I succeeded, and I drove it in WRS.

But I noticed something...  the original kn5 which includes both mesh and textures is 350mb.  When I export in Max to .map, it becomes 815mb.  That's quite a difference for the very same thing.

As a result, the 815mb map file dont load in tracked (well loading the trp, that must acces the map file for textures), and crash.  It uses too much memory and tracked must be patched to use 4gb to load such a map file.

Silverstone is 315mb as a kn5, and Nordschleife have more than 900mb worth of kn5 files, as they aren't in one kn5 file.  So if I do some quick math, the map file of the nordschleife track will be around 2100mb... which I doubt is going to work in any way, even with a patched tracked.

Is something wrong with the map files?


Size of the MAP files and memory usage are not optimized.
So far it wasn't a issue, since the biggest official MAP file is 180MB.

In the future it will be possible to reduce the size.
However, probably most of the memory is used for textures, that are compressed losslessly.
Other engines most likely use the DDS format, that is 1/8 the original size, while LZ usually is around 1/4.
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