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Database setup

Started by Vergio101, October 22, 2015, 05:54:28 AM

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hello guys, have you ever thought about creating a database with the setup for the bike?!? online is not always people running with your bike ... it's difficult to make many changes to the setup. I believe that many users would be happy.



Setup is a personal choice. It depends on too many factors.
If someone is able to run 1.27.00 in Victoria (GP1000) don´t think you can do the same using his setup.
Most of the really fast guys don´t change much on the standard setup of the bikes.
The keys for good lap times are: know the track and know the fast line  ;)
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This is definitely ... but some bikes sometimes I see that changing any parameter you would be better to close better curves incoming or have a bike more stable under acceleration ... interesting would also have videos of fast laps to understand fine lines to do ... really helps the newly ... at least until there is the ghost on the track that would change things a lot... Scuse me for Google translate... 😁


I used to think it was all in the setup , but i have found its not , the biggest part to not crashing is being smooth through the turns, smooth on the gas and hitting the proper lines through the turn.

I used to run (sbk class on victoria) 1:40 consistent , after getting time in and practice and minor adjustments i am now running 1:30-132 consistent .

All in the feel buddy,  i can send the setups i have (victoria) if you would like..