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sprint car setups

Started by ditchs14, October 24, 2015, 08:37:11 PM

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this car is so frustrating to drive.  >:(


Yes it is. I can't even make it a lap...And I have won many races driving the real thing. Also, very experience sim racer and have to problems in any other sim.

Hoping it's more of a wheel issue than a physics issue, but I can't get anything to feel comfortable enough to get around the track.

Car just wants to spin out going in and the only way I can get it to correct is to pin the throttle which makes the left rear plant and it shoots straight to the wall. Very frustrating.

I think something like a street stock or modified would have been a much better place to start with dirt cars. Sprint cars handle so different than anything else. Getting a plain old car to feel right on dirt first would have been the best way to start IMO.


What times has everyone been able to do?


December 13, 2015, 05:24:31 PM #4 Last Edit: December 18, 2015, 06:38:07 PM by tirespin24
I've gotten to a 17.2
I don't think the Sprints are far off. After playing every Rfactor sprint mod, I believe these have a leg up.


96/105" stagger
brake balance- 65%

front wing-4
rear wing- 3

Weight Ballast:
Foreward: -29.5
Right: -11.8

Left Front:
214 spring
bump- 4
rebound- 6

Right Front:
228 spring
bump- 5
rebound- 5

Left Rear:
199 Spring
bump- 3
rebound- 8

Right Rear:
242 spring
bump- 5
rebound- 5

*all preloads are 0.00, all bump stops 1.18

Final Drive 9/41
Gears 19/24

The car does have a tendency to kick up the right front on entry and will wheelstand on exit if your throttle control isn't in check.

This is what we have came up with so far, still working on the fine tuning but this is a good start for everyone.


We've been able to get down to the 16.9's with our base set, still working on little things to get faster.