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April 23, 2024, 01:15:19 PM


GP Bikes beta21c available! :)


Started by Daïmôn, December 19, 2022, 09:12:40 PM

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Hey guys !

First, I would like to thank Piboso for his incredible project and for allowing us to spend hours in this simulation.

I never tire of gpbikes and mxbikes and I hope that the game will grow in content.

I am writing you this message to find out if there is a goal to add several common bikes that we use every day.

And my dream, as a biker, and a fan of ktm I hope to see in the game motorcycles such as the 1290 superduke, the 890 duke r ( I actually own it:D) and many others..

I also think it lacks the functionality to change the exhausts:D

Here's all thanks for reading me and we find ourselves in the game have a great holiday:)


Hi Daimon. I have made a SuperDuker R 1290
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