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Track Limits

Started by mdlp, February 13, 2024, 08:36:26 PM

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Hi Piboso. 

I've been helping run race leagues for a while now, and it became evident very quickly that most riders try to stay within the rules, specifically valid track areas. However a small minority were more than happy to flaunt track limits and this soured the experience for me, which lead to monitoring the situation and applying penalties. I feel this makes the racing much better in that those playing fairly are no longer at a disadvantage.

The downside to this is that it takes a lot of time no matter how I approach it. On average 2-3 hours per race for track limits alone, plus other things I have to do for each event.  Apart from the obvious negative aspect of that, it disuades me from hosting more elaborate events. Whilst we have hosted Sprint/GP races and Superpole/Race1/Race2 events, I am reluctant to do it often as the toll and amount of free-time it consumes can be overwhelming.

What I am leading up to is whether you would consider some productivity tools/enhancements to enable this to be mostly handled 'in-game'.
What I have in mind is the ability to apply specific invisible, non-collidable objects to the track layout for the purpose of recording when a tyre has come into contact. Ideally detectable from one direction only to avoid triggering in the event of a rejoin. These boundary objects to trace the edge between permitted and non-permitted areas. The entire circuit would likely be unneccesary and perhaps undesireable if no advantage is gained, but def the entirety of corners plus some overlap to corner entry/exit.  Perhaps even existing terrain types could cover this.

I imagine GPB recording this in the same way it does with rider contact, so it can be reviewed and jump to those specific points in a replay. The time that would save alone would be immense.

Another possibility would be to optionally have dashboard/HUD warnings for when these events have been triggered.

To take it further, maybe even configurable parms in the GUI to enable/disable the Long Lap Penalty, and for how many infractions trigger a LLP, with a similar boundary box at the penalty lane with LL-entry and LL-exit boundaries to determine a valid lap being taken etc.

Thanks for your consideration.