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December 01, 2020, 11:22:38 AM

500cc 1980's

Started by Alone, October 11, 2015, 02:14:32 AM

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October 11, 2015, 06:47:04 PM #16 Last Edit: October 11, 2015, 06:57:14 PM by Wh1t34Gl3(SAS)
Tested the 83 yam. Quite limited range of torque/power which could be dangerous in corners, rear a bit slippy, front is oscillating a lil' (in the 10th corner of victoria).

/!\Old Yamaha Brakes!!/!\ xD

Global stability in corners, good, not too much wheelies.. I personally love it, too bad the power falls a lot near 12K RPM, i would have loved to push it near 16K at every shifts (engine break but eargasm earned :lol: ).


Yes, the power is like Hawk said. 120 the NS, 130 the 0w70, 150 the rgv and 155 the 0w98.
White, thx 4 the feedback. The revs drops is a pity too not broke the engine allways lol, but maybe we could found a better solution (point at 18k i.e.). Yes, not too much wheelies. Maybe could be cause the gears ratio  and the masses distribution. Lets see what could we do in b7. We were seeking a lot for real data, but is hard. The gears ratio are from a tz 500, maybe need tweeking or found newones.

BOBR6 84

just tried the 88 rgv at hockenheim.. nice  8) love the handling! great work  ;D now we need exhaust smoke  :P ;D

BOBR6 84

Almost overslept this morning..  ::) was up late thrashing around on the suzuki  :D
Really like the physics. Bike feels agile.. Feels nice on the brakes, messing around with the gearing gets the bike pulling good! Also the grip feels nice when you get on the power.. Great job! Thanks  8)



I lIke physics! good job Alone.


3 cheers! huzzah! huzzah! huzzah!  ;D
here i was thinking i'd not miss much, and hadn't been on the forum since last week, and look at what happened!
super, super work, and good luck with finalising them - this will keep me busy for quite some time - a huge thanks to all involved  8)


I put them in Gp Bikes directory but they doesnt appear in the game, any solution?
Sorry my bad english


did you put them at the correct folder, mate?
it shouldn't go into GP Bikes directory straight, but in the subfolder 'bikes'....
so, for example: C:\Games\GPB\gpbikes\bikes\500cc_1988_Yamaha YZR

Napalm Nick

And if you are running Beta 7b you should leave them alone until they have been modified to make compatible for B7b!!!!!

I need my NS I hope they are being tweaked!  ;D
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i feel i should add here, these 500's were the first mod bikes i added, and rode, in my B7 install.
although i have since removed them to eliminate potential issues, i never actually had any issues when riding them at Victoria.
i tried the Honda NS, the Suzuki RGV and the Yamaha YZF, and never experienced any issues - in fact, barring the NS, which seemed to have a real strange gearing issue, they were beautiful to ride, the best i have felt with these 500's so far. my personal favorite, the RGV, has never felt better!  ;D
the weird thing with the NS gearing, which i couldn't improve no matter what kind of gearing i tried to set up, was that the lower gears are so long, that it was hard to even get the bike into 5th gear at almost any point, even down the long straight - 6th gear? forget it!
anyhoo, i've removed them all for now, and focussing on the stock bikes, and the 3 mod bikes already made compatible for B7 :D