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Supported rear suspension models

Started by bison160, December 24, 2015, 05:49:35 AM

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Can PiBoSo or anyone else tell me what kind of rear suspensions are currently available. I am curious what kind of dirt cars are realistic to do at this point in the sim. Late models run a 4 link suspension with short bars, that have several different mounting holes for the ends of each bar on the chassis and spindle. Depending on the angle and length of the bars, as the car rolls in the corners, the angles of the rear axle change, helping turn it around the corner.

I know the different mounting points isn't something adjustable within the garage right now, but is it possible to at least set up this type of suspension now, and maybe in the future you can add an adjustment in garage so that different mounting positions can be adjusted in the setup of the vehicle?


That is a good video showing the movement of the suspension on a 4-link.


From the examples provided it's either beam or doublewishbone.  If you're looking for an example the Caterham uses 4 links at the rear, but the bottom two form a triangle.

A dirt track latemodel 4 link setup is supported, although moving the links is not.  A z-link setup is also supported.  You could even do a swingarm setup, but there is no support for a pullrod, so it would be pretty useless.


At the moment WRS supports double-wishbone, MacPherson and beam axle.
The number of beam axle linkages can vary, up to 6.
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