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May 28, 2020, 02:35:28 pm

fbx2edf parameter options

Started by Steven, February 25, 2017, 01:41:37 pm

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I wanted to use fbx2edf with parameters.
Most of the things work, but for the map file the command doing what "Recalculate" in the UI does seems to be missing.
Is it possible to get some information on this or is there a complete list with the ini options somewhere already?
It would be good to create the trp and map all together this way and not to have fbx2edf running all the time.


split = 1
rotation = 0 0 0

chassis = C:\...\export\chassis.edf
chassis_rot = 90 180 0

steer = C:\...\export\steer.edf
steer_rot = -90 0 180
steer_append = steer

fsusp = C:\...\export\fsusp.edf
fsusp_rot = -90 0 180
fsusp_append = fsusp

rsusp = C:\...\export\rsusp.edf
rsusp_rot = 90 180 0
rsusp_append = rsusp

fwheel = C:\...\export\fwheel.edf
fwheel_rot = 0 0 0
fwheel_append = fwheel

rwheel = C:\...\export\rwheel.edf
rwheel_rot = 0 0 0
rwheel_append = rwheel

This is the .ini code i use when exporting a bike

You will need to use helpers in 3ds Max (or what ever Blender/Maya uses)

Take a look at Piboso template bike file for reference (http://forum.mx-bikes.com/index.php?topic=974.0) of where the Helpers need to be.


Thanks for the answer, but what I wanted is to launch fbx2edf with a .bat file for example. So it would be possible to generate the .trp and the .map "at once" without adjusting the options in the fbx2edf converter everytime.
To show the problem with "Recalculate" - left side is with parameters and right is with the UI with "Recalculate" on.


FBX2EDF updated:

To replicate the "Recalculate" option, "use_normals" must be set to 0.
"Obviously your ambition outweighs your talent".


Thank you!

If somebody wants to try this:

fbx2edf.exe input.fbx output params.ini [-q]

possibilities for params.ini:

type =
lightdir_x = 1
lightdir_y = 1
lightdir_z = 1
shadowvolumes_create = 0
shadowvolumes_supersampling = 2
shadowmaps_create = 0
shadowmaps_scale = 0.2
shadowmaps_supersampling = 2
merge_vert = 0
merge_dist = 0.0001
scale = 0
scaling =
use_normals = 0
use_smgroups = 0
use_angle = 0
angle =
outfilename =

0   edf
1   map
2   edf (shadow?)
3   trp
5   wss

"-q" just seems to hide the log.
"outfilename" replaces the name "output".

When creating a .trp it also creates a file containing the trackcode (the files have strange random names).
Also together with
tracked.exe -merge track.trp center.tcl
it is possible to get the .map and .trp and merge the centerline in one go.
(Merging the centerline just doesn't work with files/paths including whitespaces (quotation marks don't work?).)