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September 28, 2020, 12:47:36 PM

Racetrack builder

Started by janaucarre, June 20, 2016, 06:20:17 PM

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I just bought race track builder and i made a track to see how it can be import in 3ds max and how export to gpbikes.
Really nice,  can make our own texturepacks and add to rtb.
The export can be done for assetto corsa and rf2.
I try now the AC export and see its a fbx file.
Say you how it works about bump in gpbikes


I built a little track with big elevation and strange curves,  it sseems that its good in gpbikes, .
Nothing change but the texture reattribution in 3dsmax, the terrain,  mountain s,  go so far i can't go out of track in thevvacuum.
Really nice.
Next i will build a better racetrack and see all the capability of race track builder.
I will try the rf2 exporr to see if its quicker to import in 3ds max than AC


i am following this thread with interest, mate - i may consider buying this software myself, but want to wait a little while, at least until i can try a track that has been built with this, to see how it works.....  ;)
please keep us informed of progress!  8)


I am very interested in the conversion process to PiBoSo simulations


I have got a copy of RTB and i lime how it works but it is still very early in its development and it shows.

It has only just implimented an undo button (well not even fully) which when making tracks is a huge problem.

From what Hawk has said it doesnt generate the best track surfaces and its terrain is dificult to work with.

Saying that i would love for it to be usable as it would male making track so quick to a low level with posibilty to make them really good.


matty, yes, that's why i've decided to wait a while and see how it develops.
i had a look on Steam and i could see that the software is still being developed - although it looks quite promising at this early stage already....
(dreams of IOM track and similar....)  8)


I think the better question currently is, if its working better than Bobs Tracks Builder, which is the previous program


it looks as if it might be better than BTB, but that could just be the hype.  ;D
i guess the real test will be to race on a track built with it RTB, so we can compare....


I hope next week i will publy a short track


I've been using RTB for a while now. It's pretty powerful if you want to take a real location and make a track out of it, but it's entirely dependent on the quality of the google earth data. It works reasonably well on large areas too. See my Isle of Man test track for example:


I've not yet got into creating custom objects for it; I need to figure out UV mapping first...


did anybody build a gpb's track with it now?
i have btb and it would be interesting if converting is more or less difficult as with btb.


I have tried two track build with rtb. The only problem i encountered was the enormous time to import fbx in 3dsmax. I didnt post about rtb since a long time because i m at the near end of my studies with all work it needs so sorry.


I'm currently building a complete track using RTB.

The + compare to BTB:
- road bump, mmm how to say... It's really better for GPB, the track is really good to ride without smoothing in 3ds max.
- the textures look better

The - compare to BTB:
- the kerbs and others string objects don't align them automatically to the track
- the elevation of each nodes of the track are no more related, no elevation indication, no view from the side

it's better than before and the owner will add something new in the future.
I like it.
Some skills need to be learned alone because no one talks about it in any forum i read.

I hope i will finish my track in some weeks, track is ok now and "only" misc must be added.

Napalm Nick

Which track are you making Janau? Or is it a surprise!?

Good luck!
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There is a way to align the kurbs to the track.

Take a look at the turoials here.

Tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9LDuIx0UB-dJnApA6pucDRBtMG6qLNxv