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September 29, 2023, 01:19:57 PM


GP Bikes beta21 available! :)

Debug mode

Started by PiBoSo, October 01, 2016, 09:23:47 AM

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October 01, 2016, 09:23:47 AM Last Edit: May 29, 2020, 08:15:22 PM by PiBoSo
To enable debug mode, edit the file global.ini ( by default generated in "My Documents"/PiBoSo/GP Bikes/ ) and add:
physics = 1

When it is activated, it is possible to enter "sag check mode" using the keys 1 and 2 to remove and add the rider.

The F8 key switches between "basic" and "full" mode.
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Missed this for some reason.... As well as the debug mode, the new check SAG MODE sounds very useful indeed. Thank you Piboso!  ;) 8)



Can the sag check be added to the game without the need for debug mode??
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