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GP Bikes beta19b available! :)

PIBOSO around the world

Started by Reactive, November 21, 2016, 09:56:06 PM

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Cerdanyola del Valles, (Barcelona) Spain


Preferred game; Mx bikes and gp bikes.
Santiago, Chile.


GP Bikes Germany - www.gp-bikes.de



Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA



Urban Chaos 2.0


Excuse my English, its not my native.
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Quote from: Phathry25 on November 27, 2016, 12:40:36 AM
Wausau, Wisconsin, USA

Whoa, home state! I'm in the east side of Madison myself, my little motorcycle shop situated next to my house on a well known stretch of road (at least to the locals) and been here 3 years and counting. Ever find yourself around the capitol city and want to have a beer, I'm all for it. My lady works at a craft beer bar on the east side about half way between the interstate and downtown, some of the finest samples (first two free) and almost criminal prices on 60oz growlers filled too. I ain't no hillbilly (kinda am though) so I know how to show an out of town guy a decent time when it comes to talking bikes for a few hours over a drink or two. Mechanic by trade, simulator junkie by default. Look me up if you find yourself coming to the area, I know many roads between Wausau and Madison as I grew up about a third of the way there to the north in the Lake Wisconsin area, just a few miles south of Wisconsin Dells. I'm old, I have pugs and cats, I have a house and more cars and bikes than anyone needs. Just tossing the offer out there, I'm always up for a good conversation and a drink. Especially with someone that knows GP and MX Bikes. 8)


Going to be starting on the build of my full on foot control simulator controller in my office, should be done in a few months at most, so, if you want to stop in and give it a try that is always an option in the long run too. I honestly encourage anyone that is in range to check it out when it is done, give it a try, and possibly give DD some business in the long run being that he can build a clean, well rounded version for about the amount it would cost to go 3rd party to get parts as well built and clean as he does it as it is in his process. I'm only riding coat tails of the master to put my own together, but he's offered enough knowledge I'm confident in building my own for my own purposes at this point. :)


Paris, France.

If anyone wants to go ride at a racetrack together, send me a PM :)


Quote from: EdouardB on January 23, 2017, 03:01:27 PM
Paris, France.

If anyone wants to go ride at a racetrack together, send me a PM :)

Sure! Do you provide a bike too? I promise to be gentle with it :D