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November 22, 2019, 11:02:41 am

SPRGEN Tutorial

Started by Manu, December 13, 2016, 01:58:08 pm

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SPRGEN TUTORIAL - Example of my Kawasaki Ninja H2R:

Step 1: Create "w_dash" texture

Step 2: Create base texture at same size of w_dash texture (named base.tga plus black alpha channel)

Step 3: Create the steps textures at same size of w_dash plus alpha channel


steps textures: rpm00.tga, rpm01.tga, rpm02.tga, rpm03.tga, etc

Step 4: Once created all the textures put them in the same directory where sprgen.exe is located

Step 5: Create the config file named config.ini


numsprites: The number of steps without the base.tga
basefilename: The name of base file
spritebasename: The base name of the steps files

Step 6: Create sprgen.bat file for run the sprgen.exe for generate the rpm.spr file

sprgen.exe config.ini rpm.spr

Step 7: Run the sprgen.bat file to generate the rpm.spr. If all the steps are correct a file named rpm.spr will appear in the folder




Great info Manu, thank you very much  :).
I'll give it a try


Is there a maximum number of rpm steps?

I am working on a dash and it has 52 steps. It is sort of working in game. It revs up to about 1/2 revs, skips a step, then up to 2/3 revs then just stops showing more images



Manu, the images are gone??