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BikeED steer point definitions

Started by h106frp, January 23, 2017, 10:01:15 AM

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In BikeED we have 2 linked 'STEER' mounting points, one highlighted purple and one white.

What parameter is each point supposed to define?

I ask because I am observing some strange effects on the observed steer pivot position in game if the 2 are axially displaced from each other in BikeED.

Displacing them effects trail in Bike ED but causes the steer pivot position to displace as observed in 1P view. I checked and the default Mura1000 has the 2 displaced so I assume it is supposed to be functional.


OK, so worked out that purple 'steer' is the pivot point for steer offset but this has left me slightly more confused as i cannot understand why it should move the steer pivot.

Surely the steer pivot is fixed and the forks should move within the yokes. Currently the offset parameter appears to impact rake and wheelbase as well as trail and the magnitudes are dependent on where the pivot is defined and it also seems to create a virtual 'steer' pivot in space.

It is also confusing that these effects are not obvious from within BikeED which appears to be able to apply offset in game even when the magnitude in the type in text box box is 0 but the 2 steer pivots are displaced.

Does a bug possibly exist in BikeED when offset is defined as 0 but steps is <> 0 i.e. 1 - i would not expect this to be an issue but in game observation suggest this may not be the case.


Bumping this as still confused;

On the reference bike the points appear almost arbitary in position but appear as if they should represent steer pivot and fork offset position but if defined in the correct position on the 3D model cause weird trail and offset values (0) which feed back into the physics.

Fudging the offsets to recreate trail and offset create a visual issue noticeable in 1P with the steer pivoting on an arc but improves handling, it is also interacts with the virtual rider and can create either high speed direction change wobbles or dumping the bike at low speed depending on offset.

What should each STEER represent on the physical model?

Thank you