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IK Links Debug Mode

Started by PiBoSo, February 18, 2017, 05:35:37 PM

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Inverse kinematic is used to animate the suspensions and to link the driver hand to the shift lever.

To show the link points ( cyan ) and the targets ( magenta ), edit the file wrs.ini ( located in the wrs folder in the World Racing Series installation folder ) and add:

links = 1
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The IK links debug mode is bugged. Both link points and targets are the same position, targets then move as suspension moves while the link points stay in the suspensions static position.  Also, the links do not move in debug mode...  Hope my terrible description was enough...

Pink and blue are in the same position on the spinner, once on track blue marks the static position of the end of the link while pink moves with the axle.  I'm assuming blue should be at the other end of the rod, away from the axle.