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April 03, 2020, 04:07:47 pm


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Front tyre incorrect slip angle

Started by Fightone, May 27, 2017, 11:51:56 am

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hmm...that is weird.
let me think on that a while....  :)


Interestingely enough, I can see the reply but it's empty i.e. I see black screen when clicking to some bike attached cameras. But prolly I just don't have this bike. I think fraps + youtube is the best idea here.  :)


better if you upload a private video on youtube and post it here


sure, i can make a video clip (i use bandicam, much nicer than fraps, imo)
the only drawback is that you won't be able to 'investigate' it properly via the replay cams, slo-mo, etc.
in essence, what you'll see is me coming through a right-hand corner, the second-last corner of A1 Ring /Red Bull Ring, +- 130km/h.
i am past the apex and begin lifting the bike, and i also start to accelerate - i mean, it'd be silly not to, lol - then, what you see from outside, is that the front wheel turns in to the right as i accelerate, and tips me over. it looks as if i am pushing the bars to the right, but i can assure you i am not, it is the acceleration that is literally 'dragging' the tire back down.
the crazy thing is i can take the corner in pretty much the same way, and most times the doesn't happen.
okay, i'll find some time over the weekend to post up a clip to my YT account ;)


Would be nice to see why the replay doesn't work though. It is supposed to just work ....


i wonder if it might be due to me fiddling with the bike settings in BikeEd?

what i did was, i opened the bike in BikeEd (first time using it),  and adjusted the little light blue cross a little that i assumed represents the rider's eye view-point. it seemed to make a little difference in-game, and i made no other changes.
other than that, i can't think of any reason it won't work.