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Full bike controller lean axis

Started by TimboC137, August 01, 2017, 05:19:19 PM

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I am starting to put together a controller. I'm using the frame, forks, handlebars, and hydraylic brakes from a pit bike that i got for free. Right now it's stationary with just the handlebars turning. I would like to put the whole thing on a stand that would allow the frame to pivot as a lean axis. What I'm not sure about is the best location for the pivot point. By that I mean, should the bike pivot from the ground, or can I move the pivot point up closer to the center of gravity? Kinda like a car rotisserie, only smaller. That's the way I want to do it, but I haven"t seen any other controllers like this. I'm wondering if there would be problems unforeseen to me but obvious to others. Thanks


A real bikes pivot point is where the tyres touch the ground. This takes more work for you though as you need a stronger pivot system.

Best of luck with the project

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Thanks, DD

a pivot point on the ground would be ideal, but i'm worried about how i would use a controller like that with a monitor or TV. i'm not going to mount a monitor to the bike, so i would be flopping around looking at the monitor from a bad angle most of the time, with unrealistic head movements for riding. imo, the only way that a pivot point where the rubber meets the road would feel natural would be to use a larger screen mounted to the bike with all peripheral vision being blocked. or, the obvious choice, VR.

since i'm not using those options, i thought a higher pivot point with the onboard or helmet view would work well. my body movements would more closely match those of the rider on screen(how the bike leans left and swings right when you turn left, for example). there would be less flopping from side to side, and less risk of me being flung to the floor attempting a high speed chicane :) there would be less head movement too with my eyes always close to the center of the screen. it would also take less effort to go from one extreme to another quickly. a light return to center of some kind would likely make it easier and smoother too.

this might be a waste of time and money, but i think i have to try :)


I think a pivot point close to the COG is a possible way to go.  A bit above maybe?  so the system hang when in rest position.
To make it lean will be more of a push your inside feet rather than the weight of the body hanging to the side? or both? I would make the pivot point adjustable with this system as it surely will depend of the rider weight distribution. Lets say skinny legs , big torso will tend to unbalance (more weight above the COG). Heavy legs, thin torso will have more weight below the COG.

I also would put limits on the lean , you dont want to go all the way around hahaha  ;D (that would be real funny lol). Some sort of increasing friction , springs or whatever.

Something that wont feel real is when you move you butt from side to side. To move it you will put pressure on your foot and the bike will try to lean instead of hold its position until you want to really lean.

Only a test will assure if it works or not, im just talking from my imagination.


Yeah, this is all an imagined concept to me also. I have little engineering experience and not much experience on a sport bike(although I have been riding dirt bikes and ATVS my whole life).

You gave me some more things to consider, Warlock. Thanks. Making the pivot point adjustable is a good idea. That's really the only way to go since i have no reference to anything similar. I will test the height of the pivot point first. I was thinking of using a pivot point just below the COG on the front and a pivot point just above the COG on the rear. I imagine that would mimic the bike ingame more accurately since the rear would swing out a little further than the front in a turn. But to do that I guess I would need to make the angle of the pivots adjustable, as well as the height. And i think you're right about using my feet to push to get the bike to lean. But as long as my pivot point is close to the COG, then I would use my upper body to lean equally. Besides, wouldn't using my feet and upper body equally to lean be closer to leaning on a real bike?

Also, good idea about the stops. I didn't think about that. I really don't want to use my head as a stop lol. I guess safety is a real issue with a rig like this.


Hmmm. I'm reconsidering moving the pivot point so high, but I still like the idea of pivoting close to the COG. So i'm thinking of adding ballast to bottom of the bike to move the COG down. That way I can use more upper body to control the lean. We'll see. I'm starting building today. Will add pics soon