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Logitech G920 wheel stacked at 180° of rotation :(

Started by poumpouny, September 05, 2017, 08:16:12 am

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Since 2 days i want to post an answer with printscreen about  properties in windows
Thank you


Thanx to all for advice, here the situation is now :

Manu : The G920 doesn't work anymore with the old Logitech Profiler software "wich your'e using" but with the Logitech Gaming Software, and it has lesser option than the older one, i just can change my wheel rotation, my wheel sensivity and enable or not the wheel auto centering .... I tried installing the older Profiler software but it didn't even detect my wheel !

FinPower > Yes i have "Logitech gaming wheel" under USB connected in the device and printer menu but, under it say something like "not working properly because of limited connection ...." and right clicking it just pop the menu "Uninstall".

I'm now investigating and found that there is a driver installation issue due to Windows 10 driver installation policy so i'll try it tonight when i will be at home.

What is still strage is despite all of that FFB and all stuff work well in asseto corsa,RBR(in wich i didn't need to go below 180° in softlock) even in GPbikes it work well if you dont want to softlock the wheel below 180°, but for DSA i must have the wheel match the steering angle  :'(


Aaaaaaaah, generic driver from win10, the hell for certain special thing.
With my g25, i know it is old, win7 install a driver and the wheel is playable in any games but that's not the real feeling.
I find the g25 driver and install it, but it is not enough, i download and install logitech software and now all is ok for calibrating and other setting. I never touched settings in logitech soctware, only in windows properties.


Janaucare > just got my wheel 2 month ago, and just don't get aware of the bug since now, so i don't know if i'm feeling the right thing or not, never had a FFB Wheel before   :)


Just a simple question... Is your g29 set to work with ps3 or ps4 ?? There is a little switch in the front of the wheel.


I don't have G29 i have the G920, the xbox/PC version, i choose it precisely to be away of compatibility problem, none of the solution work, and the logitech tech support forum didn't answer my question until now (i post it 12 day earlier :( ) one thing i'm afraid is that the first time i get it and at the first installation, when i install the driver, it upgraded the wheel firmware to the latest version, so i don't know if it has anything to do with that ..... i'm at the 7th attempt to reinstall the driver now, i'm close to give up, that's too bad to my DSA training :(