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April 18, 2019, 03:29:58 pm


World Racing Series beta13 available! :)

Bike SIM Experience - new motorcycle game?

Started by KG_03, September 14, 2017, 09:01:36 pm

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Given today's CG capabilities I will believe it is good when I see what looks to be an actual human controlling the bike / rider [there may be more videos on FacePlant but I do not partake].

Is there any mention of simulator hardware support?


Quote from: Gzehoo on July 04, 2018, 02:46:48 pm
Well, there is a difference when one person makes 4 games and when 4 people make one game.

piboso had a choice to make one game at a time or all at once. he knew the workload would be close to impossible... but you cannot defend it as if its a mistake. piboso must have knew taking 4 games on at once from scratch was gonna be hard. and hes going to be the one to blame when his games have barely any players left because the development rate is SO SLOW.

just take the time to think what the game would be like without any mods. victoria, with 4 bikes. thats all piboso has put in this game. the changes we've seen are minor. 32 bit for how many years? game crashing on multiplayer? thats a game breaking bug, and it STILL isnt fixed?

im sure people here would be happy to help him, but he accepts no help!

and dont try telling me im being harsh,,, just take a minute to think what the steam reviews would be for this game... with people not being able to play the game with their friends, having to go through th trouble of donig the LAA modification...

thankfully im one of the lucky ones who doesnt have the core exe problem. I wouldnt play the game as much as i do if i couldnt play multiplayer, and im sure many others wouldnt either.


Haven't you seen it? Its got multiple bike AND multiple tracks too. So imagine what it will have on release in a year? Unless this game gets some serious attention in the next year, it will have far less going for it than Bike Sim will.


Nice images but anyone with a half way decent set of graphics abilities could produce those. Again, I will believe it is the end all be all of ConnorWorld when I can actually experience it [in 15+ months]. For now GP-Bikes beats the &$(% out of everything else so it is good enough for me.

I think a fair amount of FUD BS is being spread around to discredit / discourage people / developers from using / developing other products. Classic software marketing strategy: Promise the World, then make excuses when one doesn't deliver the goods.


What you say is correct and it is easy make cool vids or screenshot.. better wait a demo or a in-game vid.

P.S. Also GP Bikes looks better with some filters  ;D

Napalm Nick

Nice graphics, lots of bikes and tracks.  I need a bit more than that, there are plenty of those titles collecting dust on my shelf already.

as Blackheart says the 'second coming' can be announced after the demo

For the record, I'm not biased to anything as CH is suggesting. I'm very excited to see another Bike Sim coming, especially from these guys who we know do a great job.  8)

I doubt anyone is biased to GPBikes, why would they be? More bike games the merrier.

"I can't give you a sure-fire formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure: try to please everybody all the time."


July 04, 2018, 11:13:53 pm #81 Last Edit: July 04, 2018, 11:26:47 pm by Tom HWK
From the video and pictures of the game it does not look anywhere near as sharp as gpbikes graphically, everything looks blurry and soft, the trick they pull on milestone games to hide how bad it actually looks.

Also why in the video does the bike slide all over the place?

GPBikes could look a ton better with filters, as blackheart said photoshopped pictures look amazing with just filters.

What would you rather play? rFactor 2 or Forza 7.

Also this picture is quite old but all it has is a couple of filter layers on it. I don't want a game to look like some 13 year old girls instagram feed.


July 05, 2018, 03:19:21 am #82 Last Edit: July 05, 2018, 03:28:48 am by Reactive
So the game engine is Unity3d? Oh hell... We are deceived, we can diverge. IMO that happened because its easier to find C# programmers, than C++. But visual will be very bad (as a 3D modeller\painter in mobile games company i know what im talking about).
And thats why mods are not allowed.
Excuse my English, its not my native.
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Seriously guys, i'm a 3d graphic designer and the only thing that is different from gpbikes graphically is the DOF, very badly setup DOF, witch make more look a tilt shift picture, and that's why you have the feeling that the bike is a Small RC one.

In the physics side, idon't know but it seem there is no suspension on the bike and as you said it's sliding all the way.

IMO It's lightyear far from gpbike physics but ok it's a pre alpha release. and if you want that "gamey" DOF look just install Reshade on GPbikes.

Competition is good, but comparing GP bikes  to that thing is a bit exageratted in my opinion  ;D


Piboso said that he he will be working on post processing, anyway as it was said. We will see how the physics will look like. Im and one of those people who think that physics and gameplay are more important than gfx.


+1 for the excessive usage of DOF. Seems to be the trend today in many games: no (ultra-exaggerated) DOF, no party.
That aside, I don't think  anything can be judged at the moment.


Anything can be made to look nice at a distance.

Like Blackheart said. Best wait for a demo or in game footage (vanity shot not included, real as the player sees it footage)


to be honest the game trailer looks ok physics wise, but graphics looks like shit, doesnt even have a proper anti aliasing.

do a excercise;

1-Open Unreal engine 4
2-import a track model
3-Assign a flat texture, without a proper material
3-Add Bloom to the max and Depth of field to the max

There you go, we´ve emulated that game and yes, it looks mushy and like shit, because doing post fx is hard and requires a lot of tweaking, knowledge and time  ;)


Returning to the thread, the engine is Unity3d?

I dont remember a racing game with this engine, but im not a assiduous player.  With Unity I only know some rpg.


Quote from: Blackheart on July 08, 2018, 08:03:50 pm
Returning to the thread, the engine is Unity3d?

I dont remember a racing game with this engine, but im not a assiduous player.  With Unity I only know some rpg.

In theory Unity can be used to become anything. A dev would just need to know what to do with the supplied tools.