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Suspension set up <- modification of original code

Started by KG_03, October 13, 2017, 06:58:29 PM

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Ok, after 4 days of mixing I came to this point. It was frustrating 4 days as I wasn't happy with any of my results and I had to lower my expectations because I am not really sure what numbers do what ... I only saw the effects of those modifications so it was even harder for me to understand what I do.

At the start I wanted to make the modification as realistic as possible taking Ohlins suspension as a model. But unfortunately each idea came to the point where the bike was very unstable and unbalanced. Thats why I have left original amount of 11 levels of each suspension parameter. I think that eventually 14 will be best number of levels for balance.

What I've done. I took the last number in the row for front suspension code and doubled it. The difference between each level is 3 times bigger than in original code. For rear suspension I took last number in the row (didnt double it because it was too big number and the result was too stiff rear suspension) and also made the differences bigger 3 times than original.

What I have achieved: the difference between each level is not big but noticable. The lowest and biggest compression or rebound setting is like between soft and hard suspension. I still consider to make difference 4 times bigger than original bcs the last grade of modification feels too soft 4 me. Maybe 14 levels will make it work? Not sure. Anyway finally the bike suspension do not decompress so fast making the wheels (especially front) loosing grip. I have tested this modification formula only for Murasama bike. Not sure how will it work on lighter bikes which seem to suffer most.

If someone would like to test the *.cgf file I attach it to the thread. Plz do not forget to make copy of original file. I am really curious what you think about it. 



I thank you 😊 I really would like to know your opinion. I know i didnt invent anything but i find this set up more realistic.


I'm away till Monday will try it when I get back. Thanks for all your hard work!


Thank you 😊 it wasnt hard comparing to the work other guys do


i try your config at 0, 7 and 14, in straight or in curve with no full lean i feel better than stock bike but at full lean the front wheel vibrates until the fall.
It vibrates even in stock mod but not until falling.

Thank you for your test


Thank you very much for your time :-) !
I think that in case of suspension it is more than just messing around with the values. Honestly I don't really know what they mean. I have tried to modify the Daytona 675R Suspension and couldn't make it right. Seems like there are two parameters that describe fast and slow damping/ rebound and without proper knowledge it is hard to make it work as it should.

As for Murasama I didn't have such problems but maybe I didn't push it to 100%. I go to try out different game pad set up maybe thats the problem. Anyway my overall feeling is that there is too little difference between each level and in result there is almost no visible difference in set up. But thats my feeling and what I see from the discussions there are very few people have the problem with it. So maybe its just me... dunno.