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June 16, 2019, 06:30:02 pm


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Welsh RR

Started by matty0l215, November 30, 2017, 08:49:07 pm

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Who's up for the New Welsh Road Race. Coming 2018

I saw this for the first time at the Bike show last sunday. Looks interesting and very good to see a new event starting up.



Nice idea... Wifey and I were talking about going for a ride in the U.K and this event sounds like a good idea of place to go during this trip. Thanks.
Plus the National Park there, i'll put that on my notes. And i'll go look at them, too old to do this anymore... :D
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Yeah i fancy some of that.


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is the Welsh Road Race canceled ?

Is that what i can understand here : --> https://www.motorcyclenews.com/sport/tt-road-races/2018/january/roads-welsh-road-race-set-to-be-called-off-/

If it's the case, its a pain cuz i projected to go to Wales on a road trip with Wifey in August, after having a beer in London with Allan...
We live in the south-west of France so that's almost a 2000km trip and if the race is off, i'd like somebody (Matty0l215 ?) to confirm that to us.
And think about another trip to hit the road this August.
Maybe Brno then instead around the second week. (KG_03, will you be free to go there this summer ???).

Thanks for the reply.
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I have planned to go to Brno...if it will not rain like 2 years in a row ;-)
But it would be great to meet :-)


Postponed until 2019 now.

They still are planning for it to become a regular event. They just missed this years cut of point  or somthing.



@KG : yep, i'm going to study this change of the roadtrip but we gad to go see people in Blegium, in the North of France and i'm not sure Brno will work this year... I have to talk with my wife about that seriously and see what we gonna do.

@Matty : thanks for the reply, looks like security problems around the race, guys who already bought ticket are getting refund, it's down for 2018... Pain, pain...
But maybe, we will still go there, even if there's no race. anybody from Wales in here to catch good places to eat/sleep ? (and that accept bikers...)

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Considering half the race is on RAF owned land i can understand why  ::)

You certinally can not go wrong with Wales. Lots of great roads. I have never been there personally but from speaking to people its universally good.


ok, that becomes more clear...

We'll study the trip and find out where and what we gonna do.
Thank you for the notice.  ;)
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