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Nord_NDS Leaderboard - What's your fastest lap time?

Started by IronHorse, December 21, 2017, 01:35:51 PM

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Hey guys! I thought it would be a cool idea to create a hall of fame for one of the circuits to give people times to beat or compare to, since multiplayer is dead and no ghost racing exists yet. I know the hardest part about this is actually completing a lap without crashing  ;D


- Track is 'Nord_NDS' from the track database
- Track temperature must be 27 degrees
- Time with a stopwatch from the same point on the track as honestly and exactly as you can
- Any bike up to 1000cc. I used the normal GP1000 coz im having mod problems atm

Tip: Ride your lap/laps first, and afterwards you can time them when you replay the ride, so you dont fumble around during the lap

This is just for fun and based on an honesty system at the moment. But if you break the 7:10 barrier which is the real life record then i want to see video proof!!!  ;D 

So I will start off. Dont worry if you are not quicker than my time you should still post your time and go on the leaderboard!

Ironhorse: 7:18



it's interesting and always good to have basis but will be "more" interesting if you post your lap replay no ?
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Yeah when it comes to time comparisons we usually post a replay file or video link along with it.  Video is usually better as one can demonstrate the actual lap ride and cockpit or orbital view being used.  I'll give it a shot when I'm home, since the Autodrom Most event ended I've been looking into some other track to dump time into, this might do nicely :)


Was the problem with low FPS fixed in this track ? As far as I remember there was a problem with very low FPS

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Depends on pc spec i think... Mine struggles even with the LAA hack lol


It's smooth for me on frames but the camera seems to shake endlessly left to right in quick succession giving me a headache.  Track is also super bumpy in some sections which seems to unsettle the bike in a non-realistic way, created by polygons meeting each other at a sharp angle maybe, don't know.  I'll give it a few more shots, will even post a vid of me trying to learn the track, though that's not gonna be anything fancy :P


December 22, 2017, 12:44:29 AM #6 Last Edit: December 22, 2017, 12:48:52 AM by IronHorse
Ok guys, lets change it to you have to show video proof or replay file. If you are worried about lag when recording, remember to record your replay not the live race. Btw.. I find this track to be super realistic you just have to ride carefully and not go crazy on throttle everywhere  ;)

I think this is an awesome idea for all tracks.

Post your lap up on ANY track and I will create a category for it with your lap time and anyone elses.

Later if this gets good enough response i will make a new thread with lists of all the tracks and times. Including isle of man. This is gonna be fun!!  :)

Italian Mod Team

Without a online server or the replays files anyone can put lamer datas into a bike (grip 100%, different engine maps, etc...)

Really also with the replays are useless for a best lap "database" because with any bikes update (and new gp bikes's beta) the replays are not compatible more.


Quote from: Italian Mod Team on December 22, 2017, 01:36:42 AM
Without a online server or the replays files anyone can put lamer datas into a bike (grip 100%, different engine maps, etc...)

Really also with the replays are useless for a best lap "database" because with any bikes update (and new gp bikes's beta) the replays are not compatible more.

That might be true, but since it's just for the hell of it I don't think we need to go super strict.  If people want to lame their way through it they best not show their snouts online since it's easy to spot someone who can ride like a beast (most guys I know of here) and morons who sputter around the track, going wide and eating dirt (such as myself).  No prizes are involved just a bit of friendly competition :)


December 22, 2017, 11:32:39 AM #9 Last Edit: December 22, 2017, 11:34:13 AM by IronHorse
^ Exactly. It will be fun to try and beat other peoples lap times. Does it sound good? Can we perhaps think of ways we can make this work rather than why it wont?  8) Great point btw Italian Mod Team. Perhaps someone who watches the replay or video would be able to tell if it is hacked or not.


Tossed a vid up of my first lap, I never recorded my first lap before and I think it's interesting to look back at how an unfamiliar run tends to look.  Made a big ol' mess of it so not worth learning much :P


I'm trying to do a clean lap of this track to make a video but i keep damn crashing everywhere now! How did I manage all those clean laps before and the next day im back to square 1? There must be a zone to get in with this game. Or i'm not playing the right music to listen as i ride  ;D


Are you timing from the start finish line after the pit? If you are I had a few laps and managed a 7'02 with the motogp 2017 mod and the lap was shit, why does this track not save a lap time like the other tracks?


Thats a crazy time! I was timing from the bridge at the end of the straight but i suppose you can time from anywhere as long as you complete a full lap and return to that spot.