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October 22, 2019, 06:15:57 am


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Moto 2 2017 - RACE EVENT - ARAGON

Started by Manu, December 22, 2017, 02:09:04 pm

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Probably the worst rider in GP Bikes...


Quote from: KG13 on December 24, 2017, 08:52:02 am
Nice video and battle up there :-)

BTW. Did anyone use hard tyres? I used both medium and at the end of the race I had almost no rubber left on front and rear.

I used a medium front and a hard rear, which, by the looks of my lap times, was a very poor choice. I wasn't able to go fast enough to get enough heat in them to allow me to go any faster than a 2:02+ lap. I did run off the track a few times but I managed to keep the rubber side down the entire way so it wasn't a total mess.


I wouldnt risk softs for that race. I have felt a degradation in that way the rear was sliding more on hard braking and front was less stable and I had to brake earlier not to fall. In comparison to Timbo i see that I was braking late with trail braking into corner what caused more degradation of front tyre.thats the other aspect of the game I really love. I look forward to next race.

Manu! Once again thank you for those fantastic bikes!


i used softs. i was worried, but they held up. my last lap was close to pb time. i was very conservative when it came to braking. when i push, i really struggle not crashing under heavy braking. so i took that approach to the entire race. it paid off.


Oh yes it did pay off. What can I say. I was not used to do any strategy in Milestoneg games. It was pushing to the end :-)


Probably the worst rider in GP Bikes...