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August 05, 2021, 01:27:00 PM


World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

Hi and Happy New Year!

Started by Wildpitch, January 02, 2018, 02:42:48 PM

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Hi to everyone! :)
in Front: Sorry for my English ;)
I´m  new  at GP Bikes.
My Name is Stefan and i come from Germany. I like Race Simulations. Play a long Time Nascar 2003 Season on virtualracing.org, GT Legends, Iracing and  Project Cars.
But i like Motorcycle riding and Racing. I`ve played  the Motogp series of Milestone, but i got the Problem with this Arcadegaming... So unrealistic. Only play with a Gamepad so stupid. I search a long Time for a Motortcyclecontroller. actually you can´t find any conmtrollers. I´ve got Luck and see one at Ebay. And the Seller d´ont want much Money. I don´t understand the industry. They sell Motorcyclegames but no realitycontrollers for it.
Now i´ve got a Motorcyclecontroller with the Name  "Racer MoTor"   I don´t know is it good or not?  ;). Last Week i tried the Demo of GpB  and it works Great. Now i play  in My Mind to buy the Licence. I´ve see many Videos of the online Races and it looks very nice!
I will get the Licence in the next Days, and then i need Practice to Ride with you all.
Hope to see you all on the Servers.


Hi ! :-) Nice to see new person in the game :-)
Yes you are right Milestone games are not realistic and they have many bugs with no solution from developers. As for controllers. Motorcycle racing games market is very small piece of cake and a good controller must cost.
If you didn't see it yet look in here: http://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=5440.0 its the only controller I would buy. THe other products like LeanGP are too expensive or not worth attention - if Im wront correct me. Most of us use game pads.
If you need any help feel free to ask :-)


Thank you for the Help. Yes i see this Controllers. They all very Nice.
My Controller looks like this one:

it is Used and i hope it works still many Years. I must care  it with Love  ;D



since you have a sim racing background, you likely have steering wheel. it works well with GP Bikes. and the FFB is decent. sure, the Hs3 system would be the best way to go, but until then you can use a controller or steering wheel. i actually own the controller in those pictures and there is no way i can use it in gpbikes. i get crazy flexing and creeking noises when i use it. i feels like it could break easily. maybe you would have better luck with it, but i much prefer my steering wheel.


Welcome mate, try everything and anything your heart desires.  GP Bikes isn't just about going fast, but enjoying the ride - so if your controller feels right for you, even with some limitations, that's all that matters ;)


Welcome to PiBoSo.com.

Make sure you check out PiBoSo's other simulators  ;) 
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