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12 month Player - How bout a HotLap Setting?

Started by MikeyMerging, February 04, 2018, 04:09:04 AM

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Been a player now for 12 months and still find (especially with 13) that GPB physics and FFB exceeds even the best car sims! ;)

What I'm asking here is:

If there could be/is a mod so that if we want to just run some timed fast laps, we could start maybe at the final corner before the Start/Finish with already hot tires?

Plenty of car sims offer this feature ( Automobilista, RRE, Assetto) and this would obviate the full warm-up lap currently required.

Plus when I fall, I could easily just restart my hotlap without having to complete an entire outlap!
Love GBP!


February 04, 2018, 01:01:06 PM #1 Last Edit: February 04, 2018, 01:04:09 PM by Hawk
I understand what your saying there Mikey, but is it really that much of a pain to have to do the out-lap to get your tyres up to temps? :)

Plus the out-lap also serves to allow the rider to get somewhat into the groove and feel comfortable riding the bike before he attempts to go for that fast lap too, don't you think? Very rarely if ever could anyone achieve their fastest lap time on first lap out of the pits in my opinion, especially if they've had a bit of a break before coming out again. :)

PS: Personally I would hardly consider "Automobilista, RRE, Assetto" realistic car sims..... Arcade-sims yes, but not sims.  :P ;D


I'm agreeing with Hawk even if i understand what you meant.

But it's a sim, so yes, is it really that hard to redo an entire lap ?

I don't think it will be something to developp for GP-Bikes now, there's a lot of other point to fix before that imho.

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February 04, 2018, 03:23:50 PM #3 Last Edit: February 04, 2018, 03:25:42 PM by MikeyMerging
Thanks for y'all's quick and respectful replies. ;)
This is one of best forums I've seen on the net.

Now without starting an off-topic thread, many of us do find AMS/RRE/AC/PC2/RF2/iR to be reasonably capable of transmitting traction, slip angles and the correct inputs one might require to pilot real racing cars on real tracks. That is also supported by real race drivers' fine-tuning of some of these "sim-cades."

On point, I CLEARLY feel that GPB is exceptional ( especially with my FFB Thrustmaster wheel) to transmit the actual feelings of bike riding. Just Amazing.

While I do always run a few warm-up laps on each track before setting my times, I would so appreciate the time-saver of simply re-starting my run if I go down.
Sim Racing ( whether sim-cade or hard-core) is still time meant to be fun-time as we are not paid/professional sim racers.

It was so fun to try and match the actual MotoGP times at Sepang testing of last weekend!
(Lorenzo @ 1:58.8!)

My idea is offered as a time-saving convenience to compress those best hot-laps into the often limited sim time that our real lives can afford.
Alas, I realize that on a Wish List this wouldn't seem to make Page 1 over other more pressing updates.

As always, thanks for listening!
Respectfully and with a smile, mikey :)


Something similar is in MXBikes, you can set a marker and always reset to that marker.


Quote from: teeds on February 04, 2018, 03:53:01 PM
Something similar is in MXBikes, you can set a marker and always reset to that marker.
That would be very helpful for practicing longer tracks.
Took me ages to get the second half of the Nordschleife right.


I honestly don't see how adding a feature like this would subtract from the GPB experience, in my opinion, it would actually enhance it. I think specially if you can set markers, if you can redo one section until you get it perfect wouldn't that sharpen people's skills and get them ready to battle online? Like Vini also said, take a track like Nordscheleife do you really need to go all the way around to learn a sector of the track?

If we come to talk about realism, how many times can you clone yourself and race against yourself at the track? I'm talking about the trainer. This was a great addition to the GPB experience.   

I personally would love to have this feature.