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January 20, 2021, 12:48:27 PM

GP Bikes beta13

Started by PiBoSo, January 20, 2018, 02:06:42 PM

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Yeah the racing we did the other night (01.02.18) was really good. A couple of moments of lag but nothing that stopped us racing


GPbikes has been really frustrating for me in the past, with cores, netcode and rideability. I missed the beta 12, but beta 13 has improved nicely compared to previous versions I used.

I was aware that you could ride on a wet track, but never knew it could rain as well ;D Don't know how long ago this was implemented, but just discovered it while riding offline ;)

The trainer is a nice addition to GPbikes, but when used for improving your laptimes, it would help me if the trainer turns into a ghost when riding close to it, so your view doesn't get blocked.

Personally one feature I would love to see even more is an opponent sound slider. The sound of other bikes in the vicinity is really loud, making it difficult to judge when to shift, or hear if the rear tire has grip under hard braking when you want to turn in. (This caused some problems for me last test races at victoria).

Besides that it would be nice if the dashboard is working in replays and that dynamic surface can be used on all the tracks without causing problems, that we don't need a LAA hack and that netcode gets even better and cores belong to the past :)

One question, is it possible to change replay camera's on a bike without causing problems going online?

Anyway, I really appreciate the development team/person and modders for the work that has been done and content that is created! For the first time in years I really enjoy GPbikes! Keep up the good work!