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July 29, 2021, 06:38:32 PM

Rainy Weather Crash

Started by EL Bastardo, March 31, 2018, 09:18:16 PM

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EL Bastardo

    Hallo Guys.
I have a problem with rainy weather and some bikes.For example when i choose my road  Ducati 916 Strada in Catalunia and set on rainy weather, game crashes , when i click go to track.The same track and weather works ok for another bikes ,and i can ride on rainy weather with that Ducati on Imola....I try lower all seetings to low end,cerfuly check i have all tyres,i set helmet and suit to def.,and it still crashes.All begins from that i set to realistic weather.Do you have any ideas what cause that crashes?
Thank you


The problem might be with wet tires in that bike. Did you try to pick up this bike and select slick tires?

EL Bastardo

-This crash happens with all bikes from GP500 category {excluding stock,oryginal one from Piboso},on each track,with ech tire set {wet,soft,hard,etc}.
-Happens when i choose Ducati 916 Strada on all Catalunia tracks ,when i am not change tyres to wet.But dont crash on Imola for example.
  So what meake problem,is tyres for sure,looks like some bikes dont like rain hehe.Is not big problem,who chose slicks for rain...But i whant to be sure i install eavrything corectly.
Is sad,because i love to ride as Wayne Rainey,on his Malboro Yamaha,i whant master this bike on eavry possible weather config,But meaby in the future,Piboso meake this game more waterproof :)
Aywey,thank you for repley KG_03, and eavryone who like to add somthing.
Regards guys


There does appear to be an issue with physics crash in wet weather.

Have you tried default Victoria? Pretty sure most mod bikes will have been wet tested there.

The problem appears to be particular combinations of track surface and tyre parameters

EL Bastardo

April 01, 2018, 12:15:15 PM #4 Last Edit: April 01, 2018, 12:18:07 PM by EL Bastardo
 Hey,GP 500 Malboro Yamacha work on wet Victoria track to first crash{i mean falling from bike} then bach,core exe and eject to desctop.But only on Victoria track i can ride this bike from pit,on any other track,game crash just after i click "go to track" button.
For now, only bikes from GP 500 { from moders,org one works fine} and few bikes from Road category crashed game,on wet surface.
I have installed most of bikes,not all,i am play GPB from one week,i am still seting eavrything up,but only these few i mentioned above meake problems.