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Oculus Touch controller support.

Started by Gregz0r, April 02, 2018, 03:44:17 PM

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Hi! Just bought the game, after watching a few YouTube videos. This game looks so real!
Anyway, I was wondering if Oculus Touch controller support could possibly be implemented? Maybe a twist of the right controller for throttle, right trigger for brake, face buttons for gears, left trigger for clutch or rear brake!  :D
YouTube: GregzVR - VR Gameplay. (Oculus Rift S)


I requested that feature some time ago, I would love to see this implemented as well since oculus touch controllers are really made for this, and we can use the headset positional tracking for leaning.


I bought this Simulator because it is not like V-Racer !

I don´t like Touch controller support.

I think u will kill the VR gameplay with this .

Try a steering wheel with 90° steering and forcefeedback for VR.  ;)