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May 20, 2019, 01:23:42 am


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help for noobs, wanting to play with others

Started by RobinHoodUKIP, April 07, 2018, 07:44:45 pm

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hay, i only ever see one server online, it was motogp2 on victoria, lately its r6 cup on suzuka. its always empty.
having had the sim/game for a month ive only come accross afew people while putting in 5 to 10 hours messing about on my own.
are there servers that i cant see as dont have the tracks downloaded?
i read the threads and it seems like theres afew guys racing online every night?
am i missing out or am i just not online when others are?
the times i have a look are 7pm to 2am GMT uk times?


Yes. You need the track to see the server in the list. You can use the stats/server page on the GP Bikes website to see a list of available servers and what tracks they're using. That way you can download tracks that are being used.

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this is the server list, if you want to see them in game you need the tracks they are using. If you want to play them you also need the bikes they are using and the tyres.
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It would sure help newcomers to show the servers nonetheless, but have a message saying you can't access them and where you can download the file ;)